Mayflash Arcade stick modding

I’m here because (Without any prior history of doing anything like this) I plan on modding a mayflash arcade stick full sanwa. I need help from you folks at srk finding the right parts for me. And if you have any tips for a noob to modding that is welcome to. I’d like to mention on a side note this is note me giving up i have done quite a bit of research but you guys have more experience.

Edit: I have decided to go with the sanwa jlf, battop with an extra wiring harness just in case. And i chose the obvious obsn-30 buttons. few more questions arose though.

1: I want the normal obsf 30s because i want the buttons to be outlined black but what’s the difference between threaded and normal?

2: i recall reading somewhere that you needed to buy a mounting plate or something to install the jlf, whats up with that?

3: i’m pretty sure you dont need to buy a mod but i need to know; do you or do you not need to buy an extra mod for oct gate or can you just mess around with the original.

4:artwork- i lost my guide and forgot a few things; how does it need to be printed? and if you have the layout please link it.

that’s all for now.

The mayflash mod is no easy feat for sanwa buttons. It’ll require a dremel (preferably with a head that can grind lightly), and soldering for sure. There’s no 28mm buttons made by Sanwa, but you can make the holes bigger to fit OBSF-30s. Simply take a little bit out of each hole each time (grinding away, you could probably sand it off, too. Just get 2mm of space!), and test to see if it fits. Do until fits, rinse, repeat. Also, you’re going to have to desolder the buttons from a PCB (don’t be scared, though, it doesn’t matter if you smash this thing in tiny pieces, you’re going to have to get rid of it, anyways). You’re gonna have to solder to connect the buttons to the mayflash’s PCB. Also, I’d look into getting .110" quick disconnects. Makes life a bit easier when wiring (Plus you don’t have to solder onto buttons, just snap these on, and put wires into 'em!). You’ll still have to solder to the PCB, though.

As for a wiring harness, the stock joystick is moreover done by individual microswitches than a PCB-orinted JLF. You could get away without a wiring harness. Just get .187" quick disconnects. 8 of 'em. TO get a bat-top, you could get a JLW, since you’re likely not gonna need a PCB, and those things were made for bat tops. Alternatively, a JLF can have a bat top, and it only requires a tiny screw adaptor to fit the bat-top on a sanwa JLF stick. Well, wait, just read that you’d want an octagonal gate. Forget the JLW, get the JLF with a GT-Y gate, and a joystick adapter. You can get a “round” cornerless gate for the JLW, though. And honestly, I dunno how to go about mounting it in there. The ghetto modder in me just says hot glue and duct tape, but I think you’d want a little more stability than that…

All-in-all, it’s gonna be quite a mod, but if you’ve got the guts for it, here are a few shops for parts: