Mayflash Arcade Stick troubles

Ok, it starts like this. 2 weeks ago i bought one of those mayflash arcade sticks off ebay for about 50 dollars. I plan on modding it even though i have 0 prior history with soldering(i dont know how thats going to work out lol) . But i’m a casual and this is my first stick. In reality it actually isn’t THAT bad! only problems being; the joystick is a looser square gate and i want a firm octagonal. But before (if i actually do get around to modding it with sanwa parts) I wanna use it normally, problem being i accidently spilled like 2 DROPLETS of OJ on a button and it’s sticky as hell, if i press on one side of it it takes 5 seconds for it to pop back. Any quick remmedies?

I don’t know how a gate is loose or tight but, to clean a button there should be some clips on the side of it which allow you to take the plunger out to clean it.