Mayflash F101 doesn't seems to work


So I just bought this arcade stick mayflash f101 and it doesn’t seem to work, it shows up on windows device as “Updater”, but I cannot use it in any game. When I try to install the drivers with the official firmware it gives me an error saying “Device room erase error.”

To install the drivers I hold the home button then insert the USB to the port, and press “Update” on the firmware, but it just don’t work.

I have it on XINPUT mode and it’s my first arcade stick.

According to this

Update mode is triggered using Home button… could you check if there´s any short to ground on the Home pin on the PCB? i can´t help you more than that, as i don´t know if there are any replacement PCBs out there for this specific model… i´d suggest that you buy a Brook Universal Fighting Board and try to install it yourself in case that this Updater thing still happens :frowning: