Mayflash F300 + JLF-TP-8YT Compatibility


So i recently bought a MayflashF300 and i got some parts to mod it, i thought i’d be able to use a Female to Female 5Pin Connector (waiting for it to arrive) to connect the joystick to the empty slot (see pictures below) But looking at pictures of the cable i do not think it will fit.

Does anyone know before hand if it will work or if there’s an alternative for it to work?

Pictures of the inside of the Mayflash.
(no experience modding nor dealing with electronics)


Looks like it will fit to me.


Did it work OP? Im also planning on getting that stick and I want to install a sanwa or a hayabusa stick


This is from @“Letram Chi” 's Stick

This was before actual wiring of brook’s board :slight_smile:

and this was final product

sorry for not dling + uploading on imgur… But it’s pretty easy installation, you just need to solder/short the wires from the original joystick to the 5 pin connector


Sorry for the late update, it worked perfectly

I wanted to avoid getting a soldering machine thing so getting the cables was a good bet.


You mean a soldering Iron? You can pick up a cheap one for as little as $15.
I also look up some how-to videos on youtube and maybe practice on pref board or an already broken device


Yeah… it’s not expensive But considering all the things i had to buy Besides the F300 arcade stick (joystick, buttons, cable, paint, sanding paper, etc.)

I wanted to keep the investment as low as possible.


To answer directly, yes it did.