Mayflash f300 not working on ps4?


I picked up this new mayflash stick with the intention of modding it over the next few months piece by piece.
However, I have a bit of a problem. Out the gate this stick says that it should work with a ps4 and a dual shock controller.
Welp, it’s not working. I have gotten it to work in legacy mode on sfv, but here’s the thing. My buttons are all swapped around.
My start button is O and my R/L bumper buttons aren’t working at all. I did, however get it too work for a day, or so, but when I unplugged it, the stick reverted back too these setting’s.

Anyone else have this problem?
Maybe, a work around, or a fix?

Things I’ve done.
Checked the board: OK
Updated the driver: done.
Tried swapping ports, nothing.

If anyone can help me, It would be very much appreciated.


I don’t know who told you what but the MAYFLASH F300 does not work on the PS4 (with the exception of games with legacy drivers).
Perhaps you are confusing the MAYFLASH F300 with the Venom stick which use the same body.


Isn’t that the one that uses a DS4 as a pass through?


Oh wait you are right, I forgot Mayflash had plans for that. My bad.

Its hard to say then. Maybe the PS4 firmware patched for that already?


try this thing on a PC. maybe there’s something on the USB Bypass function (or port)