MayFlash F500


So while searching to get myself a new fightstick, I ran into something that looked exactly like the V2 Except it’s not the V2.

Not sure if anyone else knows about this or not but apparently mayflash is making a new fightstick based off the V2 In terms of it’s design and customization under the name of the f500, except this time with it already supporting the ps3, xbox360, and PC, It will also have ps4 and XboxOne support. along with this like the f300, you will have to have an official controller connected to the stick itself for it to work depending on which console you intend to use it on. As of this point, it’s set to release by the end of august and is also up for pre-order on play-asia for those who are interested in getting this starting at $99.99


Mayflash F500

Good shell, accepts Japanese parts, has DI and XI. Pass through is a mixed bag- it’s a slight hassle, but there’s no firmware updates to chase. I guess the determining factor should be your willingness to deal with pass through and the price- I think $100 is a bit steep. $70 or $80 would be more appealing price points since you will probably want to upgrade the buttons and lever. Last time I looked, a new ps4 hori stick was about $130, and I think they started adding switchable XI modes for pc use also.


Thought to come back to this since With this being released not to long ago, some footage of this in action showing how it works on each console [Even though some sound would have been nice but fuck it].

Along with this, it’s up for purchase on amazon now for $89.99 free shipping from US Vendors, so for those who live in the US can get theirs from here if interested.


I have not had a stick or controller in a long time but I got my F300 not too long ago just started using it is so don. If it is anything like that it should be sick. I am not nearly competent enough with it yet but here is some gameplay of me trying it I did an unboxing as well if you wanna see it in comparison to the F500. The F500 seems alot bigger then the F300