Mayflash Fighting Stick vs SFIV SE Stick


As the title says, I would like opinions on which stick would be the best purchase.
The Mayflash Fighting Stick will cost me $62
The SFIV SE Stick will cost me $86
Shipping included in both prices.
I live in sweden, thats why its so expensive. A TE Stick would cost me $154 which I consider too much.

From what I understand the SE stick is much easier to mod, no soldering required. But what about the quality of the sticks without modding? This will be my first stick ever so I think i can start learning on the standard parts? and then upgrade if I decide its worth it.

All comments on the subject appreciated!


The first post in the noobie thread has a “which stick should I buy” section. The mayflash isn’t mentioned (for good reason).


In the end, the SE will probably serve you better in the long terms since it’s easy to replace the parts.


mayflash owner here but i’d rather have the SE.

steel top panel > plastic top panel.


Sorry, missed the Noobie thread.


Go for the SE all the way.


Looks like im buying a HRAP3 + sanwa buttons instead.