Mayflash Magic-NS Adapter for Nintendo Switch & PC


Have anyone got this for the Switch?

Anyone tried this with Modded Sticks for the PS3?

Little tidbit, It also works on the PS3


Knowing Mayflash’s track record for converters, I rather pay more and get the Brook’s adapter instead.


What’s wrong with Mayflash?

I have the SNES/NES to Wii/Wii U Adapter it works good


Input drops I do believe.


Input drops and Lag.

Nothing serious if all you do is play turn based RPGs, visual novels or anything that don’t require any timing or hand-eye coordination.

But if you are playing any Fighters, Shmups, Platformers, Arcade Game Ports, FPS, Puzzles, Open World Sandbox, and so on spend like $10 extra and get the Brook Converter as they have the proven track record.


Well my Adapter doesn’t have any input drops or Lag

I’m using my Emulators on my Wii on a CRT


It feels like it has no lag, or it has no lag? Two totally separate things.
It’s totally fine if you feel that it has no lag and it’s plenty good for your needs; but in all realism, EVERY converter has lag, so you shouldn’t say that “it has no lag”.


I say it this way, with a PS2 to USB Mayflash adapter, I have trouble making timed jumps in Mega Man.
I don’t have that same issue with the Same PS2 controller with a brooks PS2 to PS3/PS4/PC adapter.

I can’t feel the lag on ether one, but with the Mayflash, my timings are all off because of it.
And I do notice some dropped inputs as well.

Here is the thing, Mayflash got one thing going for it. They are cheap.
And with arcade stuff, you get what you pay for.


Has anyone actually tested this particular adapter? They have a spotty history, but if they finally got it right it would be a great product.


I’m also interested in knowing if it works with the Toodles Cthulhu MC board. Anyone try it out?

Edit: Nevermind, I just purchased a Brook instead.