Mayflash Max Shooter and Arcade stick Issue


I just bought a Max shooter adapter for my 360 to try to use my May flash arcade stick that i have modded on the system…unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be responding i used a Sony dual shock 2 and it works perfect, but not my arcade stick…is there something i am doing wrong? because the may flash website even says that they are compatible.


It would help if you could list the mods you performed to your Mayflash stick. Did you do a PCB swap? Was it a simple button swap? We can’t help you much if you can’t give us details. Also, for future reference, this kind of question regarding a converter would be better off going into the Converter Compatibility Thread.


alright…same mayflash pcb just soldered new buttons in semitsu buttons and changed the stick to a ls-32 but i just kept the mayflash pcb