Mayflash mod gone wrong?

This is the first time I modded a stick. I kind of combined two tutorials I saw online. I didn’t have a harness for the JLF so I thought it’d be the same thing if i soldered wires to the pins. I also changed around the buttons around more like the Xbox 360 sticks I’ve seen. The soldering wasn’t the best, but everything stuck. I closed it up, plugged it in and… nothing. It didn’t work on the PS3, PS2 or PC. I’m really worried I messed up the PCB somehow. If it was a faulty connection to a button or direction, it’d only be that one thing not working, right? Here’s some pics of my not so handy work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Which year is your Mayflash PCB? I can barely make it out in your photos but I think it says 2009. If that is the case then:

  2. You have to cut the ground traces on the JLF PCB and then solder the wires directly to the switches, or just solder the ground wires onto the switches if you want to keep the signal wires that you’ve already soldered onto the pins.

Either way, the Ground Trace will have to be cut.
Or get rid of PCB completely, leave only Microswitches.

Yeah, it’s a 2009. I was hoping I could avoid cutting into the PCB, but I guess I have no choice.

So this would cause the stick not to work at all? Like not be detected by the PS2/PS3/PC?

Thanks again for your help!

Ok, I cut the JLF PCB:

I also soldered the grounds to the switches:

When I tested it out, it still wasn’t detected by anything. I hope the Mayflash PCB isn’t jacked somehow & this is easily fixable…

Wow, I can’t believe that was it. Thanks a lot Laugh! I was a little freaked out to cut into the PCB before. That’s probably why it wasn’t deep enough. I hooked it up to the PS3 & my PC & it was detected by both. I don’t have any fighting games to test it out, so I tested it out on the game controller panel on my computer. I noticed one of the buttons was sticking. The actual button was fine, but it’s being read as constantly pushed. Is this another wiring problem? Sorry about all the issues I’m having, but thanks for all the help. :sweat:

[EDIT]Nevermind, found the problem. I popped off the button top to see if it would make a difference. Turns out it was constantly pushing down the switch. I swapped a couple of the tops & it worked like a charm.