Mayflash mod help! PCB is probably fried. what to do next?



i’ve been searching as many forums as possible but i can not seem to find an adequate trouble shooting guide for mishaps that could occur during a mayflash mod.

anyway, i just attempted my first mod ever and i purchased a mayflash for the purpose. my dad is a mechanical engineer with plenty of experience with electronics and power tools, so he helped me out.

we managed to remove the built in board for the stock buttons, as well as the buttons and the stick as well. we were able to properly solder all the wiring correctly, using a daisy chain for the ground and the wiring harness that came with the JLF. we used a tester on all the connections and everything was working perfectly.

however, whenever we stuck the usb cord into my computer, it wouldn’t register at all. we checked the wiring again, nothing lose at all. the second time we did it, the pcb started heating up and it burned my old man’s hands. i’m pretty sure that the pcb itself is now fried.

i contacted mayflash about buying a spare pcb and they sent me to an australian site where they apparently carry the spare pcb for the mayflash universal stick. i’m still waiting on a reply.

my question is simply what i need to do next? what could have gone wrong with the pcb in the first place and what should i do in the future to get it working properly? i have pictures that i could post if anyone is interested. i’m more or less a tech noob, so i’m pretty discouraged by this first attempt but i’m not giving up.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


pictures would probably help

buy this, use contacts on old pcb for start/select/home
have a ball


the chasis with the new sanwa buttons

the pcb

soldering the pcb

the final layout before we put the bottom back on

i realize that the last photo is out of focus, i could take more and better photos, i just need to know what which parts are necessary to show.


mazelol, thanks so much for replying!

i’ve read about that cthulhu board, but i’m not sure which parts of the mayflash pcb i would have to take apart, not am i completely sure about how to assemble it properly. if i did get that cthulhu pcb, would i just need to remove a couple of parts from my pcb and solder them onto the cthulhu?


Chthulhu is a replacement PCB. For the little buttons on top you would have to hack those to the cthulhu.


The 2009 Mayflash is not Common Ground.
That is why heat up and burn.


jdm714, thanks for the information. since it’s not common ground, how would you go about using it without burning it up? as i stated, i’m a noob, so please tell me how to avoid frying up another pcb.


Don’t Daisy-chain.
Make everything have its own Ground Wire.

And for the JLF, you have to cut up the PCB.
Or you can just desolder the Microswitches off and throw away PCB.

Cut Traces on Sanwa JLF PCB.
Solder wires back on.

Cutting Trace on TP-MA.
(Image by Jangofatt from site.)

Solder directly to Microswitches, either under PCB or there.
(Image by Jangofatt from site.)

You can desolder the Microswitches from TP-MA.
Dispose of the PCB and just use the Microswitches.

You can replace the whole TP-MA with four individual Microswitches.
But why do that?

Or you can find a Sanwa JLF-TM-8.
Solder to it like the Seimitsu, or use Quick Disconnects.


jdm, thanks!

if i shouldn’t daisy chain the groundwire for the buttons to the pcb, what is the alternative? there is only one ground / common slot on the mayflash pcb for the buttons. i’m assuming you are talking about the jlf?
there are 4 ground slots for the joystick directions.

i suppose my biggest problem now is that my pcb is fried and as far as i can tell, it’s useless unless i get a different pcb. as far as the jlf is concerned, i’d feel really unsure about taking it apart and then using a grinding wheel on it. i’m just afraid that i’ll mess something up and i’ll go even deeper in the hole and lose more money because my technical skills simply can’t match up the requirements to make this mod work.

let me get this straight though, so i can understand it better: if i remove the pcb for the joystick (i.e. the ‘green board’) and have the 4 black parts (micro switches?) that have common / ground wires on each, THEN i should solder THOSE directly to the ground / common wires (i.e. the red and black) that were on the original mayflash pcb? i’m sorry, i’m still learning the technical jargon for all the equipment. those images really did help though.

also, should i wait around a bit and just get another mayflash to simply use its pcb? i was reading a bit about the cthulhu pcb and even though it seems awesome, i’m afraid i woudl be lost trying to mod it up. i mainly use a ps2 and a pc right now for all my fighting games, so it would seem like getting a pcb thats only ps3 and pc would be kind of defeating my purpose. i already have a hore fs3 and that works fine, but only for my pc, since i don’t have a ps3.


Right, it is just the Joystick part of PCB that is not Common Ground.
The Buttons are cool, that can be left alone.

As I have typed, you can just desolder the PCB from Microswitches if you do not want to cut Traces.
Yes, if you remove the PCB, then each Microswitch will have a Signal and a Ground wire.

The Mayflash has eight wires total for Joystick.
You have four Microswitches for Joystick.
Each Microswitch has two wires.

If you buy the 2008 and 2007 Mayflash, then it is Common Ground.
You can Daisy-chain.

If you buy another 2009 Mayflash, then you have to do what I posted above.

Here is to better understand the 2009 Mayflash PCB.
Maybe your Dad can help you about it.

And the Cthulhu is not hard.
If you buy an already assembled on, it is super easy.

All you have to do is put wires into the Screw Terminals and screw down.
No soldering at all.

But you’re right, it is only PS3/PC.
You want PS2/PC.

The Multi-Console Cthulhu has PlayStation 2 support.
But that requires soldering.

Regarding the JLF again.
You can buy a JLF-TM-8 from Lizard Lick.

So you don’t have to solder.
Just crimp on .187" Quick Disconnects.
You already have Quick Disconnects for Buttons, so why not do same for Joystick?

Well you don’t need to buy another JLF.
Just buy four individual Microswitches and replace the whole TP-MA with them.


Get a Joystron/Datel PCB from laugh since those are made for Mayflash cases. Dual console compatibility (XBox 360 and PS3) is a plus too.


wow, all this information is wonderful, but it is a bit overwhelming. i feel like a caveman because i want the ps2 compatibility for the mayflash, yet it seems as though if i go with the more ‘modern’ ps3/pc version of almost any joystick, it will be easier.

if i do get the cthulhu board, beyond screwing it into the chasis and then connecting the wires from the buttons and the joystick, how will i be able to connect the necessary components from the mayflash pcb onto the cthulu board so that i will have a way of plugging in the controller into a console or pc?

i was under the impression that the mayflash mod would be a lot easier than i had anticipated and this pcb board shorting out on me definitely has proven otherwise. i’m at a cross roads now because i’m debating on whether it is easier to buy another mayflash for roughly $35 with shipping and just remove its pcb… or to just buy the cthulu pcb and try my luck with that. since i have all the sanwa buttons and the jlf already, i feel as though it would be a waste to give it up, but making the next logical step in the modification is proving difficult because my knowledge isn’t up to par with what seems to be required to make this modification work.

also, is the wiring harness that came with the jlf alright to use with the cthulhu board? can i just snap it on the joystick and then connect the five wires (ground, 4 buttons) into the cthulu board? i’m assuming that that will be adequate to ground the wires? same exact thing with the 8 wires for the buttons plus the 9th for the ground? that seems very simple.

what part of the multi cthulu pcb would require soldering?

also, if at any point someone would like to see a better image of my current pcb, please let me know so that i could take a better shot. i’m more of a visual learner and it would help me and the helper out more by looking at what i would have to do in the long run.


The Cthulhu has spot for USB.
Either solder USB to the Cthulhu, or use the USB jack the Cthulhu has.

The Cthulhu is Common Ground.
So you just pop in the five wires of the JLF Wire Harness into it.

It is that easy!

And here is the part for soldering for PlayStation 2 on Multi-Console Cthulhu.

There is a more elaborate way of doing it.
But I don’t know if you want to see it; you’ll blow your head or something.

If you don’t mind having two cables come out, one for PS2, other for PC, then do the link above.
But if you want a modular approach, I will then link to you.


jdm, i SERIOUSLY appreciate all this help, it’s making me feel reassured that i’m just a few steps away from successfully creating a functional joystick.

let me get this straight once again, just in case…

according to the image of the cthulhu board from the lizard lick site, the cthulhu board itself has a built in usb. i would then need to remove the wires from the mayflash pcb and then attach the usb into that usb jack (or something to this effect) ?

since the cthulhu is common ground, i would NOT need to take apart the jlf, i could just use the wiring harness that it came with and put them into the slots on the cthulu pcb?

same process as before with the buttons?

how would i need to put the cthulhu pcb into the mayflash chasis and secure it?

according to the instructions regarding the soldering of the ps2 onto the MC cthulhu, i woudl then have 2 cables coming out of the chasis? one for ps2, the other for ps3 / usb?

woudl i need any of those neutrik feed-throughs for the additional wiring? are those necessary in order to connect the usb jacks?

hopefully i was able to properly express the technical aspect of what it was that i was asking.

i’m going to just ahead and take some good pictures of my current set up and my mayflash pcb tomorrow whenever i get home from work and i’ll just use that as a reference point.

thanks so much for hanging in there, i feel much more positive now about this whole thing.

OH, one last key thing: i’m trying to figure out why my pcb isn’t working, so i’m assuming it is because the lack of a common ground led to it getting short circuited? or something of that nature? i’m just trying to figure out the reason why the pcb failed in the first place; i also want to know so that i can learn from my mistakes in case i want to create another joystick in the future.



The USB jack is for USB B.
The USB on your Mayflash only has one end, the USB A.

The USB A is the part that goes into Console or PC.
Since the end of the Mayflash USB is nothing but wires to PCB, you have to solder those wires to Cthulhu.

So you desolder the USB jack and solder on the four USB wires.
Or solder under the USB jack.
However you want.

Or buy a USB that has a B and an A end.

That is right.


The mind is limitless.

Cthulhu has holes in corners for screwing.
Can you use those somewhere in Mayflash Case?

That is yes.

Only if you want to be cool.


jdm, i took some more pics of the pcb, simply for clarification.

here is an upclose view of my mayflash pcb

here is a shot of the entire chasis with the wiring already in. this is to show how much room i have available to use.

after reading what you wrote a few times, then reading some of rj-45 tutorial, i have some more questions. please bear with me.

  1. after desoldering the USB B from the mayflash pcb, i would take those usb wires (grey - white - purple - black) and solder those directly into the cthulhu pcb onto one of the GABCDEFV rows?

  2. do the same with the ps2 wires (red - yellow - blue - orange - green - brown - black ) as well on another row?

  3. take the 8 wires from the buttons (+ 1 ground) and desolder them from my mayflash pcb and screw them into the cthulhu board slots?

  4. will the single ground wire that is daisy chained to the buttons be enough to screw into the 9th slot?

  5. simply screw the cthulhu into my chasis wherever there is room, making sure to leave an outlet for the cable that is housing the ps2/3/usb male out buttons?

most importantly, what do i do about the [auto , clear (turbo), 9 , 10 (start)] buttons? the mayflash pcb had 4 sensor spots on the other side of the pcb which those 4 buttons would press on whenever i pressed down on the buttons. is there some other way i’m suppose to connect those to the cthulhu pcb?

btw, at this point, should i just go ahead and order the MC cthulhu pcb from lizardlick? it seems as though that is the only way to go right now, since it seems like it would be a waste if i spent $35 getting another mayflash joystick just to remove its pcb.


It is USB A.

But yes, you would take those four wires and solder to Cthulhu.
Either share the points the USB jack uses, or desolder the USB jack and solder wires to where USB jack was.

Or you can use the GABCDEFV:
G is Ground
D is Data-
E is Data+
V is VCC (+5V)

Yes, the PlayStation 2 will be the same.
But you must use Row 1 of the GABCDEFV.

Yes, you take the nine wires you have for Button and screw onto Cthulhu.

But if you paranoid, the Cthulhu has four Ground spots for convenience.

Whatever way you can think of.

You have no use of those fuctions.
The Auto, Clear, 9, 10 Buttons are functions of the Mayflash PCB.

The only thing you will be using that for is Start and Select.
Cthulhu doesn’t have Turbo support.

So you want to use those four Buttons for whatever right?
Solder two wires to each of those spots on Mayflash PCB.
Two to Auto; Ground and Signal.
Two to Clear; Ground and Signal.
Two to 9 (Select); Ground and Signal.
Two to 10 (Start); Ground and Signal.

You have four Buttons, but there are only three functions left the Cthulhu is free for; Start and Select and Home.
So out of those four Buttons, choose two that you want to use for Start and Select.
Then just route those wires to the Cthulhu.

That is the only purpose of the Mayflash PCB now.
Just to use those spots for the four Buttons on top.
Because without the PCB, the Buttons have nothing to register to.


ok, i made some illustrations to help myself better visualize what i need to do.

in case of the sensors that provide the start / select / home buttons on the mayflash pcb, i made this illustration to show the two wires going into each sensor. is this accurate?

if i solder two wires onto the sensor, should they be soldered separately away from each other or together?

so basically that means that every time i press down one of the buttons (i.e. 9 or 10) , the button will go down and touch the soldered sensor and because the wires go to the cthulhu pcb board slots for start and select, THOSE will then register?

so the mayflash pcb is now basically useless EXCEPT to serve as the sensors for the start / select / home buttons, right?

as far as the rest of the usb / ps wires are concerned, let me just get this straight:

these are the USB A wires ->

these are the PS2/3 A wires ->

both of those sets of wires, along with the 2 different sets of wires from the mayflash pcb sensors will go on the cthulhu like this ->

which specific places are the the USB A wires soldered?

same question for the PS2/3 wires?

is this more or less everything that i need to do in order to get my joystick functional?

beyond ordering the MC cthulhu pcb, is there anything left i need to do?



You see the two little circles along the zig-zag?
One one each side?
Solder to those.

And no, those four wires do not go to what your diagram said.

The labeled Start and Select on Cthulhu is for Signal wire.
You cannot put both Signal and Ground wire into same spot.

Separate, because one is Signal, one is Ground.



Not super correct.

I typed in previous Post.
See where I mentioned GABCDEFV.

And then look at my Quote of Post of M K L to see which USB wire colors means what.
Because the Mayflash USB doesn’t have standard USB colors.

The standard colors are:
Red is VCC (+5V)
White is Data-
Green is Data+
Black is Ground

Match up.

I also said that you do not have to do GABCDEFV.
Can solder to where the USB jack is.

Not where you pointed to in picture.
That spot is for a Diode.

And the spot marked USB ONLY is not for soldering USB wire to either.
That is a Jumper.

You see in your image of four small holes?
Wht-D-, Grn-D+, Red-V, Blk-G.

That is where the USB jack goes.
And USB wires go there.
But USB jack in the way.
So you must do what?

The Instructables I linked showed where specific on the GABCDEFV you should solder.
Also the Thread of rtdzign I linked about the RJ-45.

And the Quote of Post of M K L showed the pinout of PlayStation cable and wire colors.

To make for easier, so you not keep reading.
The Mayflash PlayStation cable is same colors and pinout as on the Instructables.
So follow that and solder accordingly to the GABCDEFV on Row 1 of Multi-Console Cthulhu.

That is all.