Mayflash Modding Help

I am trying to mod my mayflash arcade stick and i got to the point where everything is in the case new wires are soldered to the pcb for the buttons and the stick has been put in…so i just connect the stick to the right signal snap ins and i just wrap the other ends of the wires to the signal prongs on the stick i plug my stick into my pc just to see if the directions are working right…well it says im pressing my num 11 button which is turbo and holding up even when i disconnect up

could i have damaged the pcb while soldering or could it be something else?

post some decent pictures of the insides so we can see what you did.

i hope these are clear enough for you guys

whats that on the turbo button traces in pics 3 and 4. did you get solder on it?

yea…i did i was thinking it was that hoping that it wasnt

do you know if thats whats causing my problem?

doubt anyone can really hlep with just pictures. prob just a short somewhere while you were soldering. make sure there is no residue between solder pads and the traces.

ok thats man ill just try to resolder them all

did you bother to look at the pictures? there’s most definitely an obvious problem in pictures 3 and 4. and it relates to the turbo button. which he’s having a problem with. :confused:

i tried to use some braided wick but there is still a little residue that i just cant move for some reason, are their any other methods that could?

easiest thing to do would be to use a razor blade or dremel tool and lightly cut a vertical line down the middle of those traces. so right now they look something like this

l------- l
l -------l
l------- l
l -------l

you want to cut a line north to south so that it looks like this

l— – l
l – —l
l— – l
l – —l

this will ensure that there is no solder bridging between the signal and ground pads. hope this helps

Hi, I’m new to Shoryuken forums and also in the process of modding my Mayflash stick. I don’t want to make a new thread since there is one here…

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to mount the JLF sanwa stick to the Mayflash box. If there is a simple solution to this problem please let me know. Thanks!

Sodderless modding on Mayflash?

Is it possible to simply replace the buttons and joystick with Sanwa parts and not have to sodder anything. Is it Sodder or Solder?

Anyhelp and pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Lex: No. Theres no solderless mod.

Since you’re ripping off the button PCB from the main PCB, you need to solder new wiring to it.

It is in French, but it has a lot of pictures and google translate works quite well. The method it uses seems to require the least amount of effort to mount a jlf. Good luck with your mod. I plan modding my Mayflash also.