Mayflash modding

this is my artwork, it is down to scale, and everything.

problem being i don’t know what kind of paper to get it printed in, how to get it laminated? or if i should put plexi glass over it or not.

if you know any answers please respond to them please and thanks.

EDIT: i have no artwork printed yet, but i have all the wiring and mounting finished, and i have to say this was EXTREMELY disappointing.
when i first tried the buttons when they shipped, they were uber-sensitive dream buttons, nice looking and color coded. what do i get after their wired and in place? although they still look nice, unsensitive piles of shit, 1 button that jams when you press on the left side, another button that squeaks. on a scale of 1-10 the mayflash buttons would be like a 4. these are LIKE 6’S. not worth 30 bucks for something like that.
when i first got the joystick it sounded beautiful, looked beautiful, it was just awesome. after going through A HUGE HASSLE completely rewiring the joystick, cutting ground traces, and everything else to get it working in the first place , what do i get? a crappy door hinge sound because the down direction’s grease wore off im assuming, after receiving it 4 days ago, an annoying clonking sound whenever the joystick goes full throw, and other things. before i would’ve given my mayflash (which cost me 50 bucks) a 5/10. what is it now after about 70 bucks of modding? like a friggin 6.5. god damnit. not to say it wasn’t better than before, but for the 90+ i’ve invested and countless hours, it wasn’t worth it in hte least.

mm what you can do is if this is on a pdf file then print it with normal 8.5x11 paper but print it with A4 settings and bring it to kinko’s or fedex office for a lamilable for 5 $
Best to print it with ink on photo paper of 8.5x11 and then bring it to kinko’s

Looks good, I took a flash drive with the psd to kinko’s last time, had a lamilabel printing done, they messed up the size twice… not sure how but they only charged me for the one I wanted. 5 bucks.

kinkos doesn’t exist in canada, or at least not in wininpeg.

or at least not in wininpeg