Mayflash ps1/2 & pc usb stick mod tips

i got a mayflash arcade stick from game over in austin,tx for $15. great steal and this body is great for my project for the ps360 pcb. but need some tips for this mod. so here i go.

  1. i am going to paint the stick around the side but not the top where the buttoms and joystick will be at because i am going to put on some art display. but need to know if i should sand it down and primer it on the side or just slap the paint on their with a clear coat. the paint i got is a testor model paint spray can also clear coat too.

  2. their four buttons on the top 9,10,11, and 12 that i am going to fill them in. but need to know what kind of filler i can used. the filler i got from lowen’s told me to used j&b weld epoxy to fill them in and sand it down but need to know if this is the right stuff for filling in hole’s

  3. i need something to hold the pcb board so it won’t be so loose inside the stick.

  4. led lights. i don’t wanna used a pcb to light up my buttons or can somebody can point me a site that that make a easy set up for my buttons with one colors only. i’m not looking to have special effects, just one light for six buttons.

  5. should i got for sanwa 30mm buttons or seimitsu 30mm buttons

  6. where can i get 30 mm prints of kicks and fists for my buttons.

this stick is going to be my neo geo theme stick two. the first one i build was a madcatz wwe fight stick with mix and match sanwa buttons and jlf joystick. with the neo geo cab cover which is green. this second stick will be that theme with abit of change’s with it.

here couple of pictures of it.

madcatz wwe arcade stick

mayflash ps1/2 & pc usb

I prefer Autobody spray paint. I guess testor would work, I use it for smaller details such as pin stripes. Make sure to sand first, then primer then clear coat.

Check out this link

Yes you want to use a epoxy. J&B Weld isn’t the right stuff you want to use here, that guy at Lowes is a idiot. Look for Epoxy putty, its found in many of the same hobby shops that sells testor paint. The epoxy putty is easier to mold and later sand down.
Epoxy before you sand, primer and paint.

Take your pick, there are wire tie anchors and zip ties, gluing stand offs into place and screwing the PCB in place, and there various PCB holders out there.

You can get kn insert boards for the buttons, as for driving the lights get a small piece of pref board and a resistor for each LED.

Up to you

Check the trading outlet

thanx for the heads up for the epoxy but what kind of primer i should used then since i got the model paint. just the model paint or the car kind.

As long the Primer is designed for plastics it be fine. Make sure you read the back of the can.

does anyone have pictures of the mayflash stick that is modded. i need ideas for my stick!!!