Mayflash PS2 to Wii [not gamecube] adapter

I just saw this on eBay today and bought it, anyone use of these before? I kinda like it better than the cube joybox since it plugs to the wiimote and gives you that semi-wireless mode. I have two dogs that run around and onetime actually managed to bring a 360 down one time when they tripped on the cord. Can’t wait to receive it and try it out. Ill use a SFAC and a T5 with this adapter.

Info from Mayflash site:

[b[Products Features:**

? Play Wii games on the Nintendo Wii with a PS or PS2 controller easily with this adapter
?No driver needed, plug-n-play
? Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) , eight customizable auto-fire buttons
?The adapter is compatible with the game that works with Wii Classic Controller
?Vibration is not supported


How to customize Turbo?

  1. Press the switch on the adapter

  2. Then press the button that you need to customize on the PS2 Dualshock

  3. Now you finish customizing the TURBO function. Release the switch on the adapter, but keep pressing the button that you set just now. The LED on the adapter will light up, which means the button is successfully customized with TURBO.

  4. Repeat the above steps to cancel the TURBO function.

  5. The 8 customizable auto-fire buttons can be set or cancelled individually or in batches

  6. All settings will be deleted automatically after un-plugging the adapter from your Wii Remote

Does anyone know how well does this adapter works with the HORI line of PS2 sticks (lag etc.)? Mayflash is usually pretty good when it comes to adapters, but most people I know recommend the Cube Joybox Pro (PS2 to Gamecube) or the Magic Path II (PS2 to Gamecube).

I forgot to post, I bought one of these and it didnt work at all with my T5 or namco stick. I only managed to get it to work with the SFAC stick but not all the buttons were working properly. It worked wonders with a regular PS2 controller though just not arcade sticks.

The T5 and Namco sticks all behave exactly like the original digital PSX controllers. If it doesn’t work with those, it may require a Dualshock 1 or DualShock 2 based controller pcb.

I’m curious to know if this will work with an MC CTHULU and the rj45 connectors.

If it wont work with a T5 or namco, I highly doubt it would work with an MC.

Shame, I really wanted to buy this.

I tried it with a wireless logitech ps2 controller and it worked perfectly, zero lag… but the namco and hori… zero detection

Agreed… I ended up selling it

I know it’s necro bumping a thread, but I just wanted to drop in and state that this converter DEFINITELY doesn’t work with Hori PCBs as found in the Namco or HRAP1 and 2 series sticks. I just got mine in the mail and I got super sad when it didn’t work. I trusted you Mayflash! You were usually so good to me. :frowning: