Mayflash PS2/USB + Paewang Revolution duelmod?


I have a Mayflash PS2/USB arcade stick modded with sanwa 30mm buttons, a JLF and a octagonal restrictor gate. It works really well, but when connected to the PS3, there’s no home button, and it can’t be used on the Xbox 360 at all.

I was thinking of buying a Joytron Paewang Revolution pcb and building a stick around it, but then I thought of the possibility of modding it into my existing mayflash in a sort of duel-mod - solder wires to the buttons that already have wires soldered to them in order to go to the Mayflash pcb

Although I do have soldering and arcade stick building experience, I’ve never preformed a duel pcb mod and would like to ask some questions for those in the know.

First off, is this possible? Would I need to install a two state switch to change between them? Is there different voltages I need to be concerned about? The idea sounds great, but I just don’t want to end up destroying both pcbs in an ill-conceived attempt at combining them. ms paint diagrams would be helpful.

Thanks for any assistance.


bump. From the looks of it, both pcbs are common ground, and the only connection they’ll share is ground and the button signals. So long as I dont have them both plugged in at once, I think they should be fine. Can anyone confirm if they’ve done multiple pcb sticks with either the mayflash or paewang or both?


You are forgetting something

2 golden rules of Dual-Modding
[]All PCBs need to share ground
]All PCBs have to have/share VCC (Voltage) all connected
The connections they do not share are the Data connections from the system cords.


The Mayflash PCB may not be common ground - check the date of manufacture first.

The easiest thing for you to do would be to simply rip the existing motherboard out and install a PS360+ board. That will cover PS3, 360, and PS2. You could also recycle your existing Mayflash cable by soldering it directly onto the PS360+.

Ask a listed modder to do it for you if you can’t.


Okay, so I’ve learned a bit more and would like some help from those in the know.

I have two possible Mayflash PS2/USB pcbs I can use - one from 2007 and one from 2009. Careful examination of them both seems to suggest that they are both common ground. The only difference between them is that the 2007 maps the joystick inputs to the PS2 dpad, whereas the 2009 model maps them to the PS2 left stick, which is a problem when using the adapter with the original Xbox running XBMC as the dash since you can’t navigate the menu with the left stick, only the dpad.

If you guys would like, I can post images of all pcbs that will be involved.

I’ve never done a dual mod, but I DO have experience padhacking for building arcade sticks. I created a thread asking about this on racketboy and was told some interesting info. Here’s what I’ve bee told:

“It’s always been my understanding that if both PCB’s accept the same voltage (i.e. both 5v or both 12v), and the common ground is connected, you need the VCC connected too, and then only plug in one at once. Yes, both boards would be powered, but only one communicating. If the other board isn’t powered it’s more likely to cause interference or drain power from the active board.”

and also:

“The golden rule is that both PCBs need to be common ground. Afterwards, all you need to do is connect the grounds, the vcc (In this case you shouldn’t worry about the voltage to your current Mayflash, it accepts +5v from USB already), as well as the corresponding signals (left to left, (360) A to (Ps2/3) X or however you want your button mapping) and go from there. You could have two cables coming out, I would highly suggest you never plug in more than one cable at a time though.”

I then came across this diagram of how to dual mod a first gen PS1 controller and a wired Xbox 360 controller together

This would seem to confirm the idea that the VCC lines need to be connected, but I’m baffled by the concept that a 3.3v and 5v line should EVER been connected - would that blow the 3.3v PS1 stick?

Regardless, I don’t think that I’ll have to worry given that both the Mayflash and the Paewang both are the same voltage - at least to my understanding. I know the USB cord for the Mayflash pcb will of course be 5v, but I never plan to use that - only the PS2 port will ever be used.

Should I attach VCC from the PS2 cord input or the USB cord input or doesn’t it matter? I’m not entirely sure what the PS2 voltage is - 3.3v, 5v or what.

Here are images of the pcbs I will be using, labelled.


Mayflash (although the labeling is probably not right for the 2007 pcb I have and plan to use - the guy who posted this said it was his 2009 model)

One final question while I think of it - is there any limit (becides physical space) to the number of padhacked pcbs that could be placed in a single arcade stick? If I am successful in getting the Mayflash and Paewang together in one stick, I’d also possibly like to put an NES MAX and a RetroDuo clone SNES controller in one stick. They too are both common ground and are both 5v.

Thanks for any help!

*SOLVED* Usb Splice Problem (Mayflash 2009 pcb)

2009 Mayflash is not Common Ground.


Okay then that’s fine for me since I have and plan to use a 2007 version which I’m fairly certain IS common ground.


thinking mire, I’d like to include Wii support as well with a classic controller padhack. I own an Intec Classic Controller knock off that I’d like to use if I can, which would bring the total of PCBs up to 3.

This presents a worrying problem - The Wiimote expansion port is 3.3v and the others are 5v. If I connect the Intec classic controller I have to 5v, would it still be okay? I have no idea at all if it could stand up to 5v.

I’m also not 100% sure if it’s common ground or where all the signal traces are. I’ve taken a photo of the pcb and labelled what I can, but if you might be able to complete what I don’t have marked that would be really helpful.


Bump. I need to know about the Intec Wii Classic Controller today (if it’s common ground, where the remaining inputs I can’t see are, and if it can handle 5v) because I only have 24 hours to return it if it’s not right. Please help if possible.