Mayflash ps3/pc/360 stick


This stick looks pretty interesting. Its claimed in their description that it can be swapped with sanwa parts easily. Has anyone had any experience with it?

Mayflash triple platform stick

It looks like a knockoff Qanba.


Vibrating wrist strap. Qanba actually has prototypes of a few things that utilize vibration. Wrist strap was one of them and there was a seat and back pad as well.


yea i dont really get why they would add something like that to an arcade stick. seems like a waste of resources and money.

The thing that caught my eye was the ps3 and 360/pc compatibility. If the pcb is good and the case makes parts swaps very easy then this thing is a steal.


Yeah, it’s basically a way more mod friendly Datel Paewang, which I believe used the same shell as the older Mayflash. This is good news. I wouldn’t be surprised if Datel, Mayflash, and Qanba all shared a supplier or two.

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Supports macro. Interesting. Can’t be the old Paewang PCB, right?


Great, it has macro, no tournament usage :frowning:


i wish they would show a picture of the inside. the sanwa jlf and buttons were kind of tough to mount on the ps2/ps3 mayflash i used to have, i would like to see what sort of changes they made with this case.


I wonder if it is the Paewang but with a separate macro board? Would be nice in that case, then you could remove the macro board and have it tournament ready.


Would be a pain to have to prove that before playing, though…