Mayflash PS3 to 360 Fightstick & Adapter Issues


Does anyone that own a Mayflash fightstick for PS3/PS2/PC and its adapter for the 360 have these problems: The fightstick would randomly open up the 360 menu as if I had pressed the home button (buttons 9 and 10 simultaneously on the fightstick) and interrupt my match. Its extremely annoying especially when playing online leaving me idle for a few seconds giving my opponents a free combo. Also I’ve noticed that if I leave the fightsick idle it would sometimes backdash/jump/duck/run for a quick moment without any of my input, leaving it on the dashboard for example would sometimes scroll once to the left or right without any input after leaving it idle for a few seconds. It does not have these problems on my PS3 so im guessing it has something to do with the adapter, someone help!


Most adapters are problematic, which is why we’re big on dual mods around here.