Mayflash PS3 VGA cable

This cable says it outputs RGBHV. Does that mean that it can be used with older CRTs that don’t process YPbPr?

Yes, if by CRT you mean a computer monitor and not an SD television set. It is for normal computer monitors or HDTVs with a DB-15 VGA input. They are generally RGBHV.


And what about INPUT lag?
This cable removes it, if you use it to connect ps3 to a LCD-TV?
in comparison with hdmi-hdmi …

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Yes , PS3 VGA swtich can be used with older CRTs and the image will more clear if connect to older CRTs .

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what is you mean Input Lag ? actually there is normal phenomenon happen in the video devices …

And the input lag of PS3 VGA swtich is normal… it is same in comparison with HDMI-HDMI.