Mayflash PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox360 Fightstick Coming Soon. [Excitement level downgraded]

Just a heads up, I sent an email to the Mayflash Sales department from their website to find out more about this joystick. Attached is the reply I got:


For powerful game!
300% Satisfaction.
1000% reliability.


Really though, this looks promising. Waiting with baited breath on a price announcement.

Can I get a PS4/Xbox One PCB?

At this time no. Only retail stick PCBs and padhacked controller PCBs for each.

Can’t wait to see this hopefully it will be able to mod

No brainer…
look at Third party PS4 padhack options
people are buying pads just to rip out the ps3/ps4 pcb. If you somehow can support touchpad-button push action then it will be awesome

Mayflash website now has the controller listed as the F300. Looks like there is a generic placeholder of an image there with a smidge of a description. Sent a follow up email to see about some additional information and release date.


And here’s the email reply I got sometime last night while sleeping:

I just picked up the V2 and I am liking it I cant wait to see this thing out in the wild.

and i just turned down a job to hong kong today… might have been able to save on the shipping costs =(

Body of it looks smaller than the PS3/Xbox360 sticks (at least from this angle). Interesting placement of that USB port at the bottom. Not sure how much I dig that if that’s the port for plugging into systems. Hopefully it’s for an accessory attachment or something else.

USB is for pass through original controller

Wait, what? LOL.

So to use it on PS4 and Xbox One you have to have an original controller present and have those connected all the time? If so, that’s kind of bummer. Had my hopes up and now they are crashin down.

So they have stuck their new universal adapter in it and we connect a pad to the arcade stick box? Nope…

That’s sad, but to be expected. It would take some creative legal trickery for them to mass produce unlicensed boards running on both current gen consoles at this point.

Yeah that’s what it looks like. I see the adapter on their homepage. Looks like I’ll be passing on this myself as well if that’s how it’s supposed to function.

So otherwords I just pass as If I still need a native controller for that console to make my stick work on it.
I just rather pad hack and Dual-mod then screw with an adapter that needs a controller to piggy back on.

This isn’t a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One quad mode stick. Its a shit PC stick that just happens to work on the PS3 with a crap Mayflash adapter preinstalled.

Welp, I’ve officially lost all interest in this joystick now. Like what was said above, but here is the official reply from their support: