Mayflash PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox360 Fightstick Coming Soon. [Excitement level downgraded]

Wait, what? LOL.

So to use it on PS4 and Xbox One you have to have an original controller present and have those connected all the time? If so, that’s kind of bummer. Had my hopes up and now they are crashin down.

So they have stuck their new universal adapter in it and we connect a pad to the arcade stick box? Nope…

That’s sad, but to be expected. It would take some creative legal trickery for them to mass produce unlicensed boards running on both current gen consoles at this point.

Yeah that’s what it looks like. I see the adapter on their homepage. Looks like I’ll be passing on this myself as well if that’s how it’s supposed to function.

So otherwords I just pass as If I still need a native controller for that console to make my stick work on it.
I just rather pad hack and Dual-mod then screw with an adapter that needs a controller to piggy back on.

This isn’t a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One quad mode stick. Its a shit PC stick that just happens to work on the PS3 with a crap Mayflash adapter preinstalled.

Welp, I’ve officially lost all interest in this joystick now. Like what was said above, but here is the official reply from their support:


i got first on calling it crap… oh wait.

It’s PS3/PS4 fighting board to support touchpad-button function…It’s awesome =) =)

@GOGO.zippy stop teasing us. Just sell it already :smiley: Where can I order one…

@GOGO.Zippy Let me know when you make an XboxOne/PS4 pcb. Then I’m sold.

PS3/X360 to PS4/Xbox One

So the board he posted is basically a cleaner version of that Hori Fightpad everyone cuts up? I’d buy that even without Xbox one functionality.

Essentially… yes. But with bonus features.

Excuse my ignorance,
But why the dislike for needing to have a controller plugged in? This is strictly from a home vs buddies non tourney point of view.

What were your 15 favorite Wii games?

so you will have a usb cord connected to your controller…that will have a usb cord connected to your system…

Hi! I made a template for this stick, since there was none to be found. It’s a really nice stick for PC, with xinput works out of the box for SFV, and really really easy to mod. Hope someone find it useful!

Have you tried it on PS4 or Xbox One? It needs a PS4 controller to work right? Curious how it works over that wireless. Still can’t find myself buying one of these if I have to daisy chain it off another controller. But I am curious.