Mayflash PSX/GC converter to Arcade Controls , START problemo

hi scene , im having a problemo with 3 things connected to each other.

Sega New Astro City


Handmade Console Jamma Converter



what im using for controls is a hacked Sony PSX controller (no analogues) to a Mayflash PSX/GC converter to the Gamecube. Everything is cool Up Down Left Right A X etc but one button wont work START godamn !. If i switch to PlayStation 2 START works fine , i played Tekken 5 and one of the Guilty Gear X’s today.

are Mayflash PSX/GC converters buggy when connected to Arcade Controls or even Arcade Sticks for PS2 ?

buzz me with some info


just reporting i have linked a new 2nd GND for the START button and it works fine now , pretty stoked.

thanx for all looks into the thread and all pending posts