Mayflash Sanwa Mod

Hi there, Recently i bought a mayflash, and well let’s be honest, it sucks ass. So i decided to take up my very first modding project. It was a hell of a pain in the ass but it turned out pretty good in the end. Here i’ll post some pictures and some instructions of how i did it. but since i’m making this a while after i made it, not a whole lot of pictures.

first i removed the bottom plate, the button pcb, the buttons, the joystick and everything. than i dremelled out the button holes to 30mm to fit sanwa obsf-30s. after that i cut off all the plastic sticking out from where the original joystick was mounted. Than i inserted all the obsf-30s into the holes, than i put the jlf in to, i screwed it in from the outside, yada yada. i put the harness on the joystick and soldered it to the pcb. but later on it turned out the mayflash isnt a common ground pcb so i had to cut 3 ground traces on the jlf pcb. Important to note i made the slits so small i could solder them back up later. than i soldered 3 more ground wires to the pcb.

for the buttons, i simply soldered 9 wires to the pcb, 8 of them to each button (with a quick disconnect). 1 of them was the ground which i daisy chained around the all the buttons. i shrink-tubed all the wires to make it look much neater.

that was all i had to do wiring wise.

For artwork i printed out normal colored letter paper and got it laminated. cut it out with an exacto knife and spray glued it onto the stick.

Although this probably sounds extremely simple because all you are doing is reading text (sorry lol i don’t have the pictures and it’s too late now) but it was extremely difficult and took many hours.

If you need advice/want to give advice/whatever you should post.

Final product


I must have fucked something up when wiring the buttons because The layout i chose was: TOP: l1, square, triangle, r1, BOTTOM : l2, x, o, r2. but it NEVER registers that way. anyway that’s all for now.:smokin::smokin:

Good job for a first mod, although I believe laugh [-222925/"]detailed]([lots-pictures) a better, more elegant way to mount the JLF without having the screws sticking out.

I though about doing that, after i cut off the mounting plastic :stuck_out_tongue: