Mayflash stick help

Hi im looking for someone in the chicago area who able to mod a mayflash stick for me, so far i have the parts and template on it, the only things i need done is wiring. this was an old project that never got off the ground so i wanna try to get this up and running, here is some pix.

Nice cutting, template and buttons. I’d wire this thing for for you if I was from Chicago… Too bad I’m not. Are you gonna keep the original PCB or will you use a different PCB? The PCB’s PS1 connection works great on the PS1, PS2, and Wii (with Mayflash Gamecube converter), but for PS3, last time I remember, the button configs are pretty damn wacky and don’t follow a widely-acceptable default button layout like when it’s in PS1/PS2 mode, making button configs a real hassle… My solution was just to write down the PS3 default controls on the bottom metal plate. It really depends on which version of Mayflash stick this one is.

If you want a PCB that will fit in perfectly and is PS3/360 dual-modded out of the box, you might want to look into this: Joytron Paewang Revolution -PCB Only-

Of course, other dual-mods should work fine as well.

For my Mayflash stick, I just made it into a PS1 stick and use a bunch of converters.

I got a sanwa stick (jlf) and the buttons i believe are crown(i bought these months ago) all that needs to be done is wiring this thing up to work, would i be able to use it on ps2 still with current parts inside? or is it stuck for ps3

No matter what parts you use, it will work on PS2 and PS3, assuming the cords, and plug-in for PS1/PS2 and USB look like the one in the picture:

All that needs to be done is wiring to correct signals and daisy chain common ground wire to all buttons and the JLF’s ground.