Mayflash stick just stop working!

I was on 2DF today and in the middle of no where the stick just stop working. So I thought maybe 2DF crashed or something but no it was my stick. The PC just doesnt recognizes it anymore, so I tested it on other PC just in case but to no avail. I tried it on Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3. Has this happened to anyone before? What should I do now? I love this stick!

To those that dont know what stick im talking about, heres a pic of it. I use it mainly for 2df fighting, I dont want to use my TE stick and wear it down.

If you’re just using it on PC, I’d recommend getting a Cthulhu and wiring the controls into that. If you’re using stock parts, you may need to follow traces or something to see what button goes where though.

Im using stock parts, I never modded it. I only use it to play on 2df.

This is the stick I used to teach myself how to play with stick. It holds a secret place in my heart!

You’re crazy.

You aren’t gonna wear your TE Stick down some people have had there’s for a year or two, If you get a loose feeling there’s mods and they aren’t really costly, and it doesnt matter when the stick gets loose it doesnt get that loose so its about personal preference.

Not the poiint of the thread. I want to fix m Mayflash stick. Can anyone link me to something that may help me out?

Check the PCB for any frayed or disconnected wires. My Mayflash had one of its power cables just fall out. I had to solder it back on for it to recognize on my PC.

Thanks dude!

I own a mayflash as well and the same thing happened with me. The stick just stopped working all of a sudden but when I re-plugged it, it started working again. Weird!


Mate, which drivers are you using for the stick to get it working on Win 7? The factory ones gives me a BSOD, so I had to let windows detect and install it itself. I don’t get any BSOD now but the stick behaves weirdly sometimes. It’ll just stop working out of nowhere in between when am executing.

Though I have ordered the sanwa parts coz I think the stick jlf and buttons can prove to be unresponsive sometimes.