Mayflash stick- PS3 'Circle' input (BD) Failure


My ‘circle’ input button (pcb inut code ‘BD’) just stopped working, help !

I know practically nothing about electronics. One minute it was working, the next it stopped.

I switched the connectors and its not the button. The wire from ‘BD’ looks fine and is soldered in. Everything else works fine. I checked the pcb to see if the ‘BD’ lane is damaged, but its fine. Nothing seems damaged on the pcb.

Does anyone have an idea or experience to what this could be or how to test or fix it ? I just wired new JLF and OBSF parts and its being working fine for a good few days.

Thanks in advance for any help, its most appreciated !


I just changed the wire for a fresh one but still no joy.

What causes an individual input on a pcb board to fail ?

Is there anyway to swop inputs on a pcb so for example, turn the L2 button (not in use) into the ‘circle’ button input ?

The Mayflash can be configured with software on a pc but not on a PS3.

How lame is this :frowning:


I just found out using the pc software that the input in question is constantly on even without it connected to the button.

Any ideas ?