Mayflash Stick Sanwa Mod

What’s up guys, I bought a Mayflash stick a little bit ago along with some Sanwa parts and began modding it. The buttons are in and working properly, but I am not too sure about how to wire up the stick.

From what I have read, if you have a 2009 Mayflash PCB, you have to cut the ground out of the board in the stick before wiring it up. The problem is, my stick does not have the 2009 on the PCB. If it helps, on the button board that was removed it says TG-STICK-A2 2006-11-18. On the PCB itself there is some text but all it says is MF-PC042AN-02.

Do I still have to cut up the ground on the stick to make it work? Thanks

Found something interesting:

Claims that this board is common ground? So that means I do not have to cut up my stick? If not, do I just wire it as I normally would or what?

We already have a thread on this, and all your questions are most likely answered in that thread.

The thread linked in the FAQ has broken images that don’t show whether or not the stick is soldered directly to the PCB or not…

Okay the long and short of it

There 2 versions of the PCB, one is common ground and one isn’t. After a certain date they changed PCB design (probity to reduce costs).

What I recommend, as most people discourages modding the old Mayflash joystick as it does not lend it self to modding easily.
You need a multimeter and test your self to be certain if the board is common ground or not.

Right, I figured out that the PCB is common ground just like my JLF stick that I bought. As of now I cut the microswitches off the old stick and the wires are loose. Can I just solder those to the new JLF stick when I put it in or should I solder the JLF stick directly to the PCB after removing those white pieces that look like clips on the PCB?

Thanks by the way

If the board is common ground; then I would suggest to splice the old wires into the JLF’s wire harness rather than soldering directly to the switches or PCB.

This was my album from another thread. :slight_smile:
Just out of curiosity, was your stick wired with black wire as individual inputs and the red wire as common ground too? Found it a bit weird that they would do that.

Here’s the stick all finished up too…

Damn, looking good!

I’m a noob when it comes to wiring electronics, but my pictures match up to yours exactly. Here are some, you can see on the microswitches where the red wire was connected and where the black was (looks like the black goes into where it says C and the red to where it says NO).

Also included a picture of the art I put on. All that is missing is my stick which is coming in the mail.

Not sure which version of the PCB this guy is modding but this was the video I used to modify my Mayflash (my first stick) ages ago. It was a good learning experience in the end. xD