Mayflash triple platform stick



is this a new stick? cant find any reviews,

looks like a Qanba but says its mayflash, it only costs £40


Support Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC Console
Support XINPUT / DINPUT Mode at PC
Support Macro,Turbo and Turbo Speed Function
Support Switching Between POV & X/Y axis
No Need The Original Xbox 360 Controller When Being Used on Xbox 360
Support Audio/Mic Function: Make you chat with your friend on-line during game enjoy game wonderful
Joystick & Button Plug-in Design: Make you DIY stick/buttons with SEIMITSU or SANWA 

also whats this supposed to be comparing? i think its silent version??

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It’s new and there’s already a thread about it.

Edit: Right here: Mayflash ps3/pc/360 stick