Mayflash Universal Adaptor Ultimate


Anyone tried the new blue version of this it claims to have added support for Xbox One without the need for an Xbox controller which would be amazing. However I can’t find an independent review for it partly as its new and it pretty much has the same name as the old black version.

This is the one I mean

Would be grateful for anyone with experience to share.


Kinda interested myself. I have a Cronus Max and it’s cool. but having to sync a controller to it first is rather annoying.


I don’t know about the new adapter but my experiences with prior mayflash products keeps me away


I had a Mayflash Saturn/PS1/PS2 to PC converter back in the day that worked really well. It also worked on PS3, so I was able to use my Saturn pad on PS3 for HDR.


works great at home with this one… I’m using a PS2 HRAP …
Of course, there is some lag (I’m not a master in BTUP, so, for professionals it can be a con…).
I’m using other Mayflash articles, and they all give me satisfaction…



If you are so worried about lag then converters are not for you anyways, including mayflash.
Mayflash accessories (there adapters mostly) strong point is their convince.
There are better adapters out there if you are willing to look.