Mayflash Universal Fight Stick, is it worth it?

Like the title of the thread, is the stick any good? Is Sanwa-ing the parts a must with this stick or are the parts at least playable?

Stock parts are horrible. You need to know how to mod/solder the this thing.

IMO it’s only worth it if you get the Mayflash stick that works on PS2 so you can play PS2 fighters as well as use it on other consoles like the Wii using adapters. It’s a lot easier than modding a TE/SE stick with a MC Cthulhu.

The joystick feels very loose with a large deadzone but it uses good quality microswitches. The buttons use rubber contacts on a PCB that are very imprecise and are prone to fail after a few weeks of heavy use.

Modding it with Sanwa parts require some soldering and dremeling but overall it isn’t that difficult.

Just get it for the PCB or for modding. I’ve been a contractor for art on a few good builds based on this board.