Mayflash usb adapter quality


i found some decent deals on like snes to usb ect… was wondering on there quality though. is it anything like brooks which is what most guys here prefer. im sick of wasting money on cheap pads that don’t even work after the 3rd play.


im considering this cause it has a saturn hook up as well o i may end up buying a used saturn pad for 20 bucks on ebay if this converter is worth it if not ill just get a brooks converter for my ps2 pad and says crew the saturn for now


We got a whole thread on Adapters, you want to search though that.

That said, Brooks been pretty good so far and has the larger community approval


Dude, does your keyboard lack punctuation keys?


yeah i saw that everyone son the brooks thing but if mayflash is similar to brooks id get it since it comes with psx and saturn hook ups


Mayflash being comparable to Brook. Lol


lol well price wise it was similar tbh i should prob just used my ps4 controller thats coming tomorrow