Mayflash usb adpter + TvC stick mod Ideas

ive been trolling the forum for a few days and from what I read, I went with the TvC fight stick with the mayflash adapter combo. even though the mod threads are slim i was able to gather that ppl have made it into a ps3 stick with the chtull pcb and get the home button working by using the start + select since the mayflash adapter does not have a working home button on ps3…what i am wondering is why has no one tried tinkering with the adapter? or using the wiimote on ps3? i read somewhere that ppl have gotten it to work with pc using Bluetooth…

I’m not sure if the idea is possible, but I don’t see why there’d really be a point.

For the most part, most players who will be doing the Mayflash to PS3 setup likely have a PS3 pad of their own, so they can just use that for their Home button stuff.

That’s basically what I always do. I keep the pad next to me at all times so I don’t need to fumble about with menus and whatnot with the stick (plus, I get a bit annoyed at hearing the clicking noise too much for things like this, so it lets me be a bit quieter, too.)

I was just wondering about a wireless option for future use…and the point would be a complete ps3/wii stick without having to add a pcb, that home key can come in very handy if use emulators that freeze some times if the rom is no good. Not to mention a cheap stick at only 25 + 10 for the adapter. If someone find a bluetooth option then this is simply a 25 dollar fightstick for wii/pc/ps3 I dont own a 360 so that doesn’t matter to me but im sure a 360 pad hack would make this the ultimate stick.