Mayflash v2/Ultra Ulia Modding Question, Seimitsu LS-32


Hi guys. Right now I’m thinking about buying a mayflash version 2 fighting stick and modding a seimitsu ls-32 to it.
What I’ve learned so far is that I’ll probably need another mounting plate.
Is there something that fits nicely in the v2 and lets me use the ls-32 with it?

I looks like there is space to put in a mounting plate if those two ridges are anything. Though you will need one of these:


Hmm ok, thx.
I also found some kind of diy kit
If I could fit the stick there that would be an even better option, since I’ll probably have to replace the buttons too.
Does anyone have any experience with that product ?


The Ultra Ulia is a clone of the old Hori Hrap stick shell.
The Seimitsu ls-32 should fit in just fine.

Just know the LS-32 is going to sit a little low in the stick body unless you use a S-plate


I have the Venom Arcade Stick and it looks like it is identical to the Mayflash V2 interior. That being said I had the flat plate which didnt fit cause I could only use three out of four screws so the joystick position was a bit slanted. So I just removed the mounting plate and fastened the joystick right onto the sheet metal of the enclosure.

Personally I didn’t like the LS-32 as it was way too stiff for me, got the LS-62 now and I’m super happy, I also replaced the octogate with a regular square gate.


Thanks for your answers.
I decided to go for a complete seimitsu build with the ultra ulia, since I mainly will use the stick for shoot em up games :slight_smile:
Basically the plan would be

The LS-32-01 with an S-Plate
8x PS-14-G for the Main Buttons
3x PS-14-D