Mayflash Vga Cable and PS3

So I bought one a few days and it got delivered today. Hooked it up to my 19" CRT Monitor and had everything working fairly quickly. A huge improvement over my SDTV but now I noticed that the colors are very washed out … I’ve been trying to set it up with my monitor but it’s not helping at all

Anyone have any experience with this cables and if so, can you tell me if this washed out effect is happening to you guys?

Is there any fixes or is this cable junk?

Sorry guy, I wish I could be more specific but I think your main option is to adjust the settings on your monitor to try and compensate for the washed out colour.

I grabbed the official 360 VGA cable and as said loved the jump from SDTV, managing to get the equivalent of 720p from my old monitor. Im quite lucky as the colours seem to have a good balance on my screen and nothing seems to be that compensated for sharpness, however compared to HDMI and component theres a noticeable difference.

A lot of people seem to say that VGA gives them great sharpness and edges but a slight lack of colour. It seems component gives great colour but lack of sharpness, VGA gives sharpness but lack of colour, and HDMI seems to give a good mix inbetween (visibly to me anyway). But yeah, as I was saying, try adjusting the settings on your monitor. Its the only thing I can think of (cant remember seeing any specific display options for the PS3), however it means re-adjusting if you ever need to use your monitor with anything else.

Good choice hooking up to a CRT as well, gets the best results. Amazing how far ahead PC monitors have been compared to Televisions.

Have you set the PS3 to output in full color? By default it’s set to a limited RGB range.

How do you set the PS3 to full color?

I’ve gone through every possible setting on my monitor and cannot prevent the washed out colors.

whites become super white … it sucks pretty hard.

it looks like XBOX has a fix

But PS3 seems to be lacking … if this is the case … I really regret getting a ps3 =(

Thats on the old dashboard. I cant remember seeing that option with my VGA cable (maybe im wrong though, but even then it didnt fix the washed out colour). I think the only thing I can actually change is the resolution. I can remember having that option when using HDMI. There is no real fix as far as im aware. However I have to say with my LCD and VGA on xbox the colours look fine. Maybe its just luck of the draw.

Do u think it is possible to use a hdmi to vga cable or is hdmi digital and vga analog so it wouldnt’ work even if there was a cable like this

Your right VGA is analog. If your monitor had a DVI connector then you could get a HDMI to DVI wire, but DVI doesnt carry sound so you would be left without that. Unless a HDMI to DVI+2RCA wire exists. But even going HDMI to that I dont think would solve your problems. There is a more expensive option using hardware and converters and stuff, I’ll let you do your own research into that but for me it wasnt worth it. I’ve just ordered a nice 20" samsung TV with HDMI, DVI, VGA (as its replacing my PC monitor) and Component for my xbox and PS3 when I rebuy one. Was only 170, if your gonna spend all that money converting a signal IMO may as well just replace the monitor.

There’s always HDFury. It converts the HDMI signal to VGA but runs nearly twice the cost of the Mayflash cable. Check for it on eBay, sometimes they go for as low as 55, but typically they go for 75-80 but they work considerably better than the Mayflash.

I’ve been using the Mayflash for the last four days and I’m satisfied, but I’ve been using it on an HDTV, not a monitor.