Mayflash Wii to PC converter problem

I have been using the TvC stick with the Mayflash converter. I recently had to get my computer fixed, and now my computer will not recognize the stick. I’ve reinstalled the driver but that has not been any help. Whenever I plug it in to my USB port I just get a message that the device is not recognized. Does anyone have a solution?

Did you try all available USB ports?
Will it work on other systems?

Also make sure your TvC Wii stick is securely connected to the Mayflash Adapter.
It could be possible that your adapter gave up the ghost.

do these mayflash adapters die a lot? Mine was working fine straight out of the box but as i played with it, it became harder to get it to work. What would happen was once it was plugged and i got it going it would be fine, but it would be very hard for my CPU or ps3 to recognize it. I would often have to sit there for a very long time plugging it in and out until it eventually worked. Now it doesn’t seem to be recognizing the adapter at all on ps3 on my PC. There is no visible damage on the usb or wire.

Thank you for Necroing this Post.

Anyways, Mayflash isn’t known for durability, reliability or high quality. Mayflash is known for filling that odd niche in the gaming market and doing it cheaply.
Some of their items are fantastic and others well; leave alot to be desired. Considering this converter is $12 on Amazon, there not a whole lot one can expect.
Also according to Mayflash Website there 3 different Wii Nunchuck/Classic COntroller to USB adapters that they still produce.

lol sorry i was searching google for a fix to my problem and found this post. Also i think i may try getting the mayflash wireless one next time because a lot of my problems seemed to have occurred with the wire.

I wonder if the Mayflash v2 adapter fixed a good deal of the problems with the first one.