Mayflash Wii to USB adaptor: good or bad?

So I got the TvC Wii stick a few months ago (£30 boxed - couldn’t resist) and it’s great but I wanna use it with 360, PS3 and PC. Will the Mayflash adaptor (available on Amazon for roughly £15 I think) let me do so? I’d be no good at modding so I don’t want to risk breaking the stick.

If it’s listed as “Wii to USB”, it definitely won’t work on the 360. PS3 is a maybe, all you’re promised there is that it will work with PC. Adapters are usually problematic for fighting games (lag, dropped inputs), and they’re also notoriously finnicky about not working with certain controller pcb’s. Your best bet for the goals stated would be a PS360+ pcb. If you could live with only having PS3/PC/PS2 support, getting a Zero Delay board from ebay (the one with .110" connectors) would be a much cheaper option than the PS360 ($20 usd).

I see. Probably isn’t worth buying then. If I put in a PS3/360 PCB (according to this guide the TvC and most other MadCatz sticks are easy to mod), will it still work on Wii? Sorry, I’m quite new to the fighting game community. In all honesty, I’m ok at best at SF4 and godawful at MvC3, but I still enjoy playing them.

You would have to do a dual mod to make it work with the wii as well. Dual modding 101

What equipment do I need? I can use a screwdriver (don’t worry, I’m not completely inept), but I don’t have and am not experienced with a soldering iron.

Read the link I provided, you’ll get a good overview.

Thanks, but the guide is a bit too complex. It’s not giving me any simple answers.

I wouldn’t really use this with the TvC stick. You’re better off dual modding this thing with a if you want to play on the Wii U AND PC. The L/R buttons do not work like normal buttons due to them being triggers on default.

The Mayflash Adapter is annoying on the PS3 since A is swapped with B and Y is swapped with X, so your circle button is not where it should be. It’s defnitely not for regular gaming like Infamous or Batman, but it’s workable with fighting games which have adjustable mappings. Make sure you swap ZL and ZR with the L and R buttons so you’ll have a full 6 button set. The PS3 does not recognize USB controller triggers, which in this case are the L/R buttons.

You’ll have to do your homework if you want to do a dual mod. I made a shopping list for someone else, I’ll see if I can dig it up later.

What tools will I need to mod that PCB into my TvC stick?

That’s what I just said I’d dig up later.

Sorry, when I made my previous post your post about digging the list somehow didn’t appear. My mistake.

The list is in this thread: Help/Advice for my new Madcatz TTT2 Wii U stick - we got issues

Yeah, there is no chance of me modding the TvC stick myself if you need all that. I appreciate the help though. I would look for a modder but I doubt there’s any in the north of England.

I know we have at least one modder from England here, @gahrling‌