Mayflash WII U PRO and PS3 controller to USB adapters

It looks as though this page is just a placeholder and this device has not actually
been released yet (I don’t see it on Amazon or Ebay, their usual avenues for selling)
I don’t know if I’ll be getting one, given the rather steep cost of the Wii U Pro controllers.
But still, the idea is pretty cool. They’ve also got a similar adapter for PS3 controllers.

I already have their wireless adapter for the original flatties (and old Wii Pro) controllers,
(which I mentioned on here in a prior post…) and I’m pretty happy with its performance.
Other people say they experience problems, but I don’t get those… but then again, I also
just use Joy2Key and ignored the supplied software disc. The idea of using the Pro, which
is totally wireless, seems pretty cool though… but I’d have to hold one in my hands and be
able to judge the build quality before I’d even consider paying $50 for one to use on my PC.

The descrip on their site also says that it has a DirectInput mode, I’ll go out on a limb
and assume that means that it can still function as a regular Windows HID device like
prior models for the old original Wii controllers.

I will pass. Mayflash do not make the most reliable of products and adapters are known to have issues.

You don’t need a Mayflash adapter for PS3 Dual Shock or Wii Remote to PC, you can get away with a Bluetooth dongle.

Oh! I might just get one of those ps3 adapters. Xinput? Check. Hell yeah.

I beg to differ… I’ve had both their wired and wireless incarnations of their USB adapter for the older Classic Controllers since they came out and neither one of those has ever given me any problems, caused me any BSODs, or randomly died or stopped being accurate. But then again, I also didn’t install their supplied software disc, and just stuck with Joy2Key, so that might have something to do with it. I’ve heard about people having problems after having used the software minidisc that came with the old wired model of the Classic Controller to USB adapter, I’ve also heard about people having problems with their SNES usb adapter, but I haven’t run into any issues with either of their CC adapters, other than the batteries in the wireless version dying once every few months, which to me is a pretty fair amount of time.

See, I never liked the idea of needing a Wii-Mote (which is like $39.99), then the Classic Controller ($19), and then a Bluetooth dongle and then messing around with Glovepie or PPJoy or Bluesoleil or whatever. I like stuff to just be plug n’ play, set and forget. With the wireless CC to USB adapter, I have that kind of ease. I figure this adapter for the Wii U Pro controller will also have that kind of ease… if it still makes the Wii U Pro controllers act as HID devices that show up in Windows Gamepad Setup (as the old CC to USB adapter does), I probably won’t even have to change my existing Joy2Key profiles (except maybe to swap the zL / zR - L & R), I can just plug the adapter in, sync the controllers, turn on Joy2Key and set the profile and go from there…

And hey, if Gametap and Wii’s Virtual Console can exploit the vast number of people who don’t know about FREE ways to play the old classics (and more stuff we never got stateside) why can’t Mayflash exploit help the people like me who don’t know their way around all that Glovepie stuff? $10-19 for an adapter that simplifies the process and makes it so there’s less things required and less software to have to understand is worth it.

I’m gonna wait this one out. Do the converters allow more than one controller? Do all the analog bits work as analog?

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