Mayflash WIRELESS Wii Classic to USB adapter


I just want to let everyone here know that Mayflash has just released the wireless version of the Wii Classic Controller USB adapter, yes it is HID and plug & play, and yes it will work with PS3.


The unit takes 3 triple A batteries (despite the little mix-up on the packaging that says Double A’s).

For the moment, the adapter can be bought for $17.90 w/ free shipping on Ebay, but that price may be subject to change.


I hope its a bit better than the old wired one. I had to return mine back to Divineo as the wired MayFlash USB started glitching, locking in the upright position, all buttons locking… lost a few match cos of that.

But for the price it looks real good value, esp free shiping from HK. Only took 3 days last time I ordered.


Wireless… ugh.


I’ve already tested it on both my own Windows XP machine as well as my mate’s Win7 machine and they both work fine with no glitches (though it took me for-friggin-ever to locate the “calibrate controller” screen in 7, why the hell is it in “Printers and Devices?” lol…) also this one doesn’t need a software disc, but it works beautifully with Joy2Key. And why “uggh?” Atleast this is way more affordable and simplistic than the Wiimote + Glovepie + Bluetooth method… If you want to uggh at something, uggh at the Datel wireless Retro Controller or Nyko’s Wireless Wing, when you consider that uses the two AA’s in the Wiimote plus two more AA’s in the controller itself it just seems pointless just to avoid a tiny 2.5 foot wire that’s barely even noticeable.


Because wired > wireless.


@d3v - Umm… okay.

What exactly are you worried about the diff being between this and the wired adapter… lag in the button presses or something? If that’s what’s making you go “uggh” at it, lemme tell you I honestly can’t perceive any difference between this wireless model and the wired model which I have both of. Or maybe it’s that my brain is too slow to sense if there’s a 1000th of a millisecond passing when I press a button or move a stick, lol…


@gelpgelptexuss Do you have an arcade stick (TvC) to try with it.

Wouldn’t mind knowing if theres any lag on doing 1 frame links on ssf4 AE on that wireless version.


Nope, I don’t have a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick. But I imagine that since it has all the same buttons as the Classic Controller (Dpad, Start Home Select, YXBA, L R, zL zR) then they should show up as the same buttons when you’re pressing them and looking at the Gamepad Setup screen in Windows and since the wireless adapter is basically the same as the wired one, minus the “hold L + Home to change modes” bit then it should work the same, and like I said I can’t really perceive any difference or lag. All I know is I press button on gamepad, button turns red on Windows calibration screen pretty much instantly.

When in doubt, look up youtube videos.


Thanks for the info… yeah I have the classic Mayflash version.

I was just wondering with the new one being wireless it may lag whilst doing combos… but I tend to believe you that it doesn’t lag as the TvC
using bluetooth (with wii remote) doesn’t lag.


so i just bought one of these wireless ones, i had the classic wired one before but was having troubles with it. Mine would always have a hard time staying connected to PC and it eventually just died out. I am hoping the wireless one ill have less problems. My main concern is the input lag though, will this adapter still be okay for street fighter on ps3?