Mayflash wiring help

First off forgive me if this question has already been answered i don’t have much

time to look over old posts.

Alright here is my issue. I’ve completely soldered all of my buttons on my

mayflash to the PCB and they work great. (sanwa same as TE stick). However,

my JLF stick seems to be causing me issues. I followed a guide that told me to

solder every ground wire together since the PCB has more than one ground but

the JLF does not. I did so and i had the person who created the tutorial check my

soldering job and everything seemed ok.The problem is however, when i plug in

more than one of the four direction plugs to the pcb the stick no longer gets

recognized. only one direction will work at a time and it can be any of the four,

but if i plug in anymore than one the stick does not get recognized. My mayflash

PCB is a MF-STICK-B1 2009-04-20 and i couldn’t help notice that the PCB looks

slightly different than all those in the tutorials i’ve looked at.

here is a good example: the first one is my PCB the second is from a tutorial.

If you look closely there are some differences. Could the reason that the wiring

job i did not be working because of a slightly newer model that would only allow

me to solder the wires directly to the stick instead of using the JLF wire harness?

I’m running out of other ideas. Sorry for the long post but thanks for reading this far if you do^_^

When i say it does not get recognized i mean the entire fight stick including the

buttons when more than one direction is plugged in.

If you soldered the directions to the microswitches, you need to separate all of those ground wires and put one on each switch.

If you’re using a 5 pin wiring harness, I’m pretty sure you can cut the other 3 grounds and only use one.

I did it the first way, since I kept my original microswitches, but each direction needs a ground and an input if you’re doing it that way.

There are A LOT of mayflash threads here. They’re easy to find.

The same principles apply to a JLF.

Well, i cut the other three wires and you were right it did respond again, but now the directions are screwed up and only respond in all kinds of messed up directions
that should help. :smiley: