Mayflash with jlf too loud


Recently i modded a mayflash stick with a sanwa jlf . also it is screwed on from the outside with nuts and washers. problem being whenever i go full throw with even moderate force it sounds like hitting a light post with a hammer. so i , yesterday took it apart again, to make some tweaks. I noticed when the jlf is on its own it makes NO NOISE when you go full throw even with an insane amount of force.

What i’m asking is, is there a way i can mount it to make no noise? My dad suggested get a 9mm piece of wood, mounting the joystick on the wood with wood screws. i don’t even get how that would work. so does anyone know?

EDIT: to make it a bit more clear, i Have seen laugh’s guide MANY times i know how he mounted it, and it’s too late i ALREADY CUT OFF ALL THE PLASTIC AND SCREW HOLES.


Laugh’s tutorial on modding the Mayflash based Datel/Joytron stick shows exactly what you want.


Learn to not just scim over what i wrote! I said i already cut off all the plastic parts!


I assumed you meant the plastic square, didn’t realize you meant the screw holes as well. Problem with using wood is that you’ll likely have to find a way to mount it from the top as well which would still need screws.


Learn to be a little more polite when someone is going out of their way to help you out.


Those cases are just loud


the one i did came out fine thanks to SRK laugh post used sanwa dremel was easy i use the art as a guide and have a sanwa button handy to measure

mine is HRAP level sound. not like i play MVC2 one of my friend breaks a stick almost every 1- 2 months because of that game


Problem is that he seems to have filled down the posts for the screws.


OH i didnt think about what i read i really neeed to stop these late night post


so salty.
does it matter if its too loud? wear ear plugs?
got a family? tell them to wear earplugs


I put a JLF in my datel.

It’s REALLY LOUD. Like even if you opponent isn’t the kind of guy that listens to stick and button noise you can’t help but hear this.

It’s just a bad case. I ended up buying a SE and using just the case from it.


It’s just the face that the restrictor gate is completely silent when it’s by itself and that bugs me.


Does the SE make it alot more quiet or what? not that i can buy one anyway. And to the person who said with wood you’d probably need to mount wood from above and not make it any quieter, i know it’s just what my dad suggested. obviously not my only option.


The SE is quieter because you’re mounting a steet mounting plate on to steel. Not plastic onto plastic. It’s a lot more solid. Plus the case is a heavier duty plastic. SEs are in fact very quiet, they’re good cases except they’re small and have that stupid slant.


Ok, i would like to buy one, but im 13 and obviously dont have a job so i cant really afford an se, ive seen an affordable 50 dollar one on ebay brand new, but shipping costs to canada are absurd. +this is the very first arcade stick i’ve every owned, also my first mod, so i dont plan on moving buttons and joysticks over. but i’ll consider that. ALSO does anyone know how loud mounting it laugh’s style would be?