MAYFLASH XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC Arcade Fighting Stick V2 Compatible with Sanwa Parts out of the box 69$

This is not mine I found it and want more information on it if possible. Plus if its as good as it says it is “too good to be true” maybe spread the word.

Ok Guys I searched all over the site an havnt seen this posted about anywere. So I figured id give a heads up. The Description and box sayes it has a new design “looks better than older universal ps2/3/pc stick” Also is completely drop in ready for sanwa parts and tri mod pcb. All for 69.00$ Thats not bad around WWE Brawl Stick prices without the ugly artwork. It stats it work on xbox 360 without a official control pad being needed. Plus acrylic top panel.

Now i cant seem to find any inside shots to see if it is soldered pcb or quick disconnects “I assume solder”. Does anyone out there have anymore information on this thing? I am curiouse if it would be as easy as the wwe brawl stick to mod or if it has insides like the origanel universal fightstick from mayflash. I would assume its diffrent since its stated that sanwa parts drop in but that could only mean holes rather than harness or pcb.

I am thinking of buying it but i know i can mod the brawl stick this one is a mistery i can only go buy product statment.

This is the Description straight from the product…

  • Compatible with XBOX360, PS3 and PC - Compatible with Sanwa Denshi buttons and joystick that is perfect for customization to make it your very own. (Sanwa Denshi buttons and joystick are not included in the packaging and you need to buy them separately). - No need the original XBOX 360 controller when being used on XBOX 360. - Supports the XINPUT and DINPUT when being used on PC - Supports the Turbo and Macro functions with different speed settings you can toy with - The D-Pad and X/Y Analog Axis mode can be exchanged - Supports the vibration function. A sole customized wrist strap makes you feel the real vibration. - Supports the AUDIO/MIC function. - NO cheap plastic toy! Two pieces of metal panels (metal cover and metal base) increases the fighting stick’s weight for a solid, secure feel. - The beautiful and strong acrylic top panel for the easy customization - The lever and buttons are designed and placed on same layout as the arcade style. - The Fighting Stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold the controller firmly in place on hard, flat surfaces. - A dedicated storage case to store the 9.8ft/3m USB cable. - Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8 and Mac OS

With no other customer reviews, I would NOT take the plunge.

Until someone else buys one and tears it down and document it it would be best to assume the claims are false.

Hmmm I may take the plunge on this. I’ll have to see my funds I’m curious about this stick

Nice deal if it’s legit, case doesn’t look bad in the pictures.

I’d be interested to see what PCB it’s using and what the wirings like.

Sounds like a good deal on paper.

My experience, if its too good to be true, it most likely is.

Eh, I’d say it’s believable. What were the Paewang sticks going for? It’s not like Chinese manufacturers have to spend a ton making cases, and the listing makes it pretty clear that the controls are cheap knockoffs. I’d give the thing a shot if I needed another stick.

Okay everybody seems to be in the same boat as me so I think i am going to buy it as a secondary with soul purpose of taking it apart and posting picks to update @darksakul what stick should i buy thread. So stay tuned.

This way i wont be dissapointed because easy to mod or not that wasnt the purpose lol. I am just waiting 7-14days for my 150$ amazon gift card to come in once thats in ill update with purchase an arrival.

Now to decide if i should go with a wwe brawl stick , Fightstick pro or hori soulcalibur V with the remaining moneys choices are nice. Let me Know which stick you would go for with the left over in the mean time people?!

P.s. No matter what stick i purchase with the remaining money the stick is to be replaced with seimitsu ls 56-01 with octogate an battop.

I am tempted to take the plunge on this as well. I wouldn’t mind having a stock JLF/sanwa button stick sitting around in case somebody needs to borrow one and doesn’t want to use my less orthodox setup. I have all my old TE-S parts sitting around.

I would wait and see if the Mayflash stick is easy to work with, no sense in dropping the cash on another stick you would need to mod if that one serves the purpose well (unless you want 2, of course). Removing Brawlstick art is a complete pain in the ass.

This Mayflash V2 does not come with sanwa stock from description it just fits them if you buy em seperate or so it says.

I would wait and see if the Mayflash stick is easy to work with, no sense in dropping the cash on another stick you would need to mod if that one serves the purpose well (unless you want 2, of course). Removing Brawlstick art is a complete pain in the ass.


Actual yes i do want another stick i need three i already have a modded WWE Brawl Stick i neew 2 more sticks however one for the wife and one for a friend .

I know, that’s why I said I’d be using my old TE-S parts that are sitting around not being used :slight_smile:

@America Oh Okay im sorry i miss read.

@PresidentCamacho It would seem i will be taken that advice after all read on…

Ok it would seem i wont be able to get this thing after all. The wife found out i was planning on buying two fightsticks and had a mini coniption lol. If the wife aint happy nobody is heh. She said i already had the modded WWE Brawlstick that she stole from me, So i could get one more and only one more fightstick to replace it. So i was foced to go with something i knew would be easy to add my spare LS-56-01 into so i bought the Madcatz Fightstick Pro for ps3.

So i am afraid someone else is going to have to take the first plunge on this stick and let us know if it is what it says.

@Darksakul I amsorry i jumped the gun. An was not able to go threw with it.

@Yenjoi If you go for it let us know k.

@gahrling Yeah but on paper is one thing reality could be entirly diffrent.

I was considering getting one of these if they are indeed mod friendly.

Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas.

Purchased I’ll be dissecting this by december 7th ish

Hopefully I can sell this off because last thing I need is another stick

It Happens.

As I am the author of the “What stick to buy?” thread, saying yes or no on the Version 2 Mayflash stick is almost an endorsement.
Due to limited information on this Version 2 stick and knowing Mayflash’s track record I cannot in good conscience recommend the stick.

So I ended up taking the safe route.

@darksakul Well it seems you will get the info on this stick after all thanks to yenjoi. That is true all except maybe the “almost” part. I know many people that use that thread exclusively so it really is an endorsement to many people no almost about it. However i think that is a good thing rather than bad. That guide helps alot of people decide what to get pro at modding or begginer you should be proud.

@yenjoi Well i hope that it is one modable so you can have an easy time selling it off. Either way i hope your able to recoupe your money.

Yeah however I got a ticket today lol :frowning: $167 ticket god damn it.

Debating whether or not to cancel the order probably not going to but its an option


Most definitely cancled the order :frowning: sorry guys that ticket was not in my future plan at least

First post here and i don’t know anything about modding, but i thought i would share some pictures from the inside with you guys:

I only got a Madcatz Fightstick Pro to compare. The buttons are pretty decent and the stick is only a bit stiffer.
I’ve been using this stick since last Friday and i didn’t have any problems
doing combos compared to the Fightstick Pro(though i’m not that good at combos yet… :smile:).

Let me know if you need more information/pictures.

Nice, that answers a lot of questions. Looks like they give you plenty of room to work with, and no crap like buttons soldered to a PCB. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the stick is mounted to an actual JLF plate. Also interesting to see that the restrictor plate looks like a Hayabusa copy rather than the expected Chinese JLF copy. Assuming the PCB doesn’t act up over time, it seems like this may be a far superior starter option to the default SE/Brawlstick recommendation on account of the built in dual compatibility.

How’s the feel of the case itself (weight, stability, perceived toughness, etc)?