MAYFLASH XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC Arcade Fighting Stick V2 Compatible with Sanwa Parts out of the box 69$

I’ve had mine for a bit so let me just add to this thread in case anyone reads it and is undecided.

For reference, I’ve only played on a Xbone TE2 and a Qanba Q1.

-Buttons are straight doo-doo. I mean, they work well enough and if I didn’t want to mod the color scheme I’d keep them but RB/R1 started getting stuck after the first two hours or so. It doesn’t mess up my inputs but it is very noticable(maybe I got unlucky?).
-The ball top still has the, sorry if this doesn’t make sense, extra ring around it from where they cut it out of the mold(maybe it was just mine?). It doesn’t bother me or mess me up. It’s just a noticably cheap ball top. The stick itself feels good and is comparable to the Qanba
-The stick is not easily swappable(this was brought up earlier in the thread).
-Macro setting does make it banned in tournaments like Dark said earlier in this thread.
-If you sleep in shorts, like I do, and feel like playing immediately after waking up, the metal plate on the bottom is cold as fuck on your thighs.

-Very weighty. This is a personal preference but I think the heavy-ness of the stick is a plus.
-The built-in USB cable is pretty damn long.
-Did not have any compatibility problems with Mac(Fightcade), PC or PS3(and PS4, thanks to Gummo, for those that are interested in the padhack)

I am loving it. I knew I was getting a cheap stick and that’s what I got so I was not disappointed. I still have a way to go before I’m done with it. I still want to change the buttons, get rid of the macro and turbo buttons, cleaning up the plexi and getting some art under it or maybe buying an all new piece of plexi and going with 6 buttons. I’m wondering if I’d be able to commission an exact replica from some company?

Can someone give me info or link me to a thread regarding custom plexiglass? Does anyone know what size the “Start” button is? I think it’s something like 24mm but I’m not sure.

Alright, I’m probably missing something obvious but how the hell do you get the ball top off?

The other side of the shaft has a flathead screw slot. Grasp the ball and use a screwdriver on the other side.

Lol. Thanks. I got the plexi off and I just realized I might be able to make my own at work. I’d just have to do it after hours over the course of a couple days and I’d have to break these magnets out of the original plexi but I think I might be able to do it. I’m just not sure how smooth it’d be after I buff it.

Hey @twozerotwo , so yours is ps3,360, and PS4 compatible now?

Yeah and it worked perfectly fine on my Mac and my brothers PC. I’m assuming PS3 works fine but I didn’t get to try it because I don’t own a PS3. I paid $140 to send it to Gummo for the PS4 padhack. You can check out his thread here. If I had the ability, I could’ve saved myself some money and done it myself but I really don’t know how to do any of that kind of stuff.

You can get neodymium disc magnets on ebay for rather cheap, just take some calipers and size them; I believe they’re 5x1mm or 5x2mm. Machine the slots out on a a drill press, and press them to fit.

That’s a nice back-up option. I’m planning on just drilling out the magnets in the original plexiglass.

@twozerotwo $140 plus $80 for the stick and then some Sanwas is quite a bit of $$ (did you upgrade the parts?).

Why not get a Hori ps4/PS3 and add a 360 PCB? I’m not bashing or hating, I am honestly curious.

Yeah, lol. I went the expensive route. I hate the way all the PS4 sticks look and I got a fat return this tax season so…I splurged on myself.

And I got lucky because I bought the stick when it was $60 and a 25% discount ($45) off Amazon and my cousin is selling me some of his spare Sanwa buttons for cheap.

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend doing it my way if you need it MOSTLY for PS4 compatibility. Unless you have Sanwa parts already and are doing the padhack yourself THEN it ends up costing about the same as a new PS4/PS3 stick. I still play Ultra on 360 and a bit of Skullgirls on PC so it’s not like I’m strictly using it on PS4. Damn, I just realized it’s only a bit longer until I’m pretty much strictly using it for PS4.

That all makes sense :smiley: Yeah I know how that goes I bought an SE SFIV stick for $30 (mostly wanted an inexpensive case, and I like these little cases) then ordered a Commander 4 pad from PlayAsia for $53 and then $34 for a stick and buttons (sanwa). That’s $117 for a stick I’m not even really using right now. I mostly play Ultra on PC and KI on the Xbone. But come 2016, I will most likely be playing exclusively on the PS4, unless I decide to get SFV for PC. I really enjoy playing at my desk on my 27" monitor and also having the option to play on my laptop if I need to move elsewhere. It’s going to be a though decision, I might just get the PS4 version first and the the PC version when it drastically drops in price.

In short, I really didn’t need the PS4 stick, I just wanted it :smiley:

This is what I ended up with.

What is the red button for?

It’s an emergency STOP button, hahaha.

It’s the home button. There’s no pcb under the original button anymore and I have like 10 of these laying around so I installed this for home.

That’s clearly his lag switch button.

Just wanted to give a little input on this.

I e-mailed John Choi regarding using my stick at NCR and sent him a picture of my stick after I opened it up, took out the buttons and filled the holes with some acrylic. He said it would be allowed as long as I can prove I can’t activate the macro setting if my opponent were to want the on-site judge to check my stick.

I’m waiting for a response from whoever handles the Evo messages and as soon as I figure out who to contact regarding SCR I’m going to ask them, too.

This isn’t the exact photo I sent but it’s one I just took after I touched-up the acrylic this morning

and this is one from a different angle showing it’s flush with the stick.

is the first mayflash stick lag free?? $40 sounds good for the pcb alone…
this here

That isn’t the Mayflash stick were talking about

And that PCB is shit, it known to fail on people in a few months and its not common ground.

If you just want a ps2/ps3/pc pcb, get a Zero Delay or a mc cthulhu.

You can get a Zero Delay off eBay for like $20 shipped.

need xbox360 support doe

guess ps360 it is. little pricey but whatever…