MAYFLASH XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC Arcade Fighting Stick V2 Compatible with Sanwa Parts out of the box 69$

Yeah, a dremel could work. The hard part would be getting it stable and lining up the holes. “Measure twice, cut once.”

Will do.

Thanks a ton for the pics and write-up @deserada! Looking forward to modding mine. I don’t have a drill press though. Know of a budget one or will a hand drill work as long as I’m careful?

Anyone try any of the Brook converters with this stick? Curious if they work since sticks like the Qanba Q4 are already confirmed working.


I wouldn’t widen the buttons like I did without a drill press since there isn’t a suitable pilot hole for the hole saw. Next best solution for that is a file or a sanding drum. You can do many things with a corded electric drill so long as you have a good pilot hole to guide your bit.

If you want an affordable drill press, figure out what brands are good quality for your price range and check out pawn shops. Pawns are great for used tools.

A converter would probably work just fine on the Mayflash V2 if you have it in PS3 mode, since it just uses generic USB controller drivers. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in 360 mode either. Don’t have one to test, unfortunately.

Your method is extremely clean with a drill press, so I definitely want to go that route if I can afford to do so. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check out the pawn shops or ask my friends if they happen to have one.

As for the converter, that’s good to know. I’ll probably have my hands on one eventually so will confirm compatibility if nobody beats me to it.

What would be the recommended way of modding it with a wireless x360 pcb? (i don’t care about latency)
Simply soldering every button to the x360 pcb or is there some secret modjitsu like connecting the usb traces from the mayflash pcb to the x360 pcb (as mf has xinput?) and have it all at once?

It isn’t really recommended as most Wireless X360 PCBs are not common ground.

No it does not work that way. Power and Ground lines gets connected together but not the Data - and Data + lines. Xinput can’t carry other to the other PCB.

There is a way to make a non-common ground PCB to work in a Dual mod, it calls for some electronic wizardry and hack every input of your wireless PCB.
I don’t have the schematics on me but it involves diodes and transistors (or some off the shelf chips).

You are far better off with a wired PCB instead.

For Dual-modding check out Dual-modding 101 for the basics

Thanks a lot for your answers they helped a lot.
This one would work besides RT and LT, right?

I can’t say. I didn’t bother to mess with the original MS pads.

anyone have mayflash f300? i buy it yesterday, will arrive soon xD
any psd?

Hi, i’ve just found this forum looking for info about arcade sticks. Im thinking to buy this stick for Street figtherV on pc and i have a couple of questions.
-Can anyone tell me if works on SFV without third programs?
-Whats better to play on pc Mayflash V2 or Venom?
I really apreciate if somebody can help me, im so nub on this topics ^^

The v2 has both direct input and xinput support, making it a better choice for pc.

Thanks mate! I love you xD

Anyone able to use this as a legacy stick for SFV?

I’m in dire need of help.
I’ve got a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT with both cables just to be sure (JST-XH and JLF-H).
I want to connect both the internal PCB and a xbox360(common ground) pcb to the joystick.
The xbox360 part works fine when soldered on to the joystick.
The internal pcb part works fine as well with the JST-XH.
But when I plug the JST into the mayflash PCB while the xbox-pcb is soldered on as well, it won’t work on the xbox360 pcb anymore.
Are the orders on the internal pcb different to this?: and somehow short the xbox part of it? I’m quite confused

Legacy support doesn’t work with this controller out of the box unfortunately. ):

Is this still the non-common ground, wireless 360 pad you’re talking about? I believe soldering to the joystick is the only way to get it to work. JST harness is most likely a no go. I’m no expert, but I had to do this when I modded the original, original Mayflash. Cut the traces, then soldered directly to the microswitches.

No, this is a common ground one.
I’ve noticed, it works fine when the USB cable from the mayflash pcb is plugged into a device.
Is it because I did not connect the V from each others pcb like here?

Edit: Yes, it is because of the V!
Is it really okay to solder 3.3V from the xbox pcb to the 5V on the mayflash pcb? Without any issues if I plug in the USB cable later on?

Can someone tell me if the Mayflash V2 works in legacy mode on SFV on a PS4?


NM, ignore me. Answered a couple posts up.

@deserada, I need more clarification. In our convo above, you mention buffing compound, but in the Google+ tutorial, you mention rubbing compound for the plexi. Which one is it or did you use both? xP Also can you say which brand you used if possible? Thanks?

@RedTag14 It’s the same thing, I was just fumbling around with terms. I used Turtle Wax T-241A Polishing Compound or something very much like it.