Mayn Event 07 Cvs2 results

CvS2 Results - 25 participants

1st - Rusteezzy
–A-Vega, Rolento, Blanka, R2 Bison

2nd - TKK
–K-Saget, Cammy, R2 blanka Also played C and A don’t remember characters

3rd - Kalonji
–C-Yama, Ken, Chun li, E. Honda, R2 Saget

4th - RedDevilNinja
–P-Chang, Giff, R2 Blanka?? he also played A groove

5th - Julian
–C-Geese, Saget,Vega, R2 Yama

5th - VDO
–P-Terry, Raiden, Geese, Kyo, Giff ,Vdo is a gangster and randomize ratio’s 2s!!!

there where 21 originally entry due to 4 people came in late and was sent to losers brackets.

Obot will have vids up soon on hes site or maybe YouTube

I’m going to encode the vids when I have time… Hopefully before next weekend. They are already on my pc so thats 1/2 the work. Stay tuned.

good stuff on CvS2 I don’t know many ppl there but I did see some matches. What’s up with going to EVO north?

Yeah I’m probably going to Evo North but we need more people to room with so far it’s only me and my Boy Monsterzod, Cuz where about to get that hotel right across from nickel arcade what about u are u going?

Edit: now it’s me Obot and Monsterzod(aka C bitchz)

Good shit to all!

Rusty, there’s a possibility I might go to Evo North. If so, maybe we can all head out together or something.

Btw, are you still going to UofM? If so, you might be eligible for some paid experiments (I used to do some when I was a student and got like $15-$20 per hr). Lemme know and I’ll send you the e-mail with directions. (I’ll need your e-mail addy)

good shit guys! glad to see MI is still beasting. hope everyone is doing well. i realized i’m schedule to work the weekend of evo north but i’ll see what i can do about that. it’s a rotating schedule so i know this far in advance.


Good shit to the CVS2 peepz

Tha Bum Basherz is goin to EVO North this year. Its gettin ready to get gangsta now. Its finna go down.

i’ll see u there man.

I don’t know if I’ll be there due to school I’ll keep you posted rusteezzy.

Cool i like sitting down answering question or even staying in the hospital and getting paid while i play cvs 2 u know my number hit me up, For Evo u should come it’s gonna be fun since ur making massive loot at ur job now u can take a vacation LOL

Lol, okay. I’ll give you a call on both things. Hopefully, I won’t be going back home during the same time as EvoNorth, but most likely I’ll be going.

Fasho thaz wuzzup

Cvs 2 finals vids are up here, for semi finals it’s being post up at when it’s done