Mayn event 3s results!

not many people, 22 man tourny

1st: No satisfaction ( makoto )
2nd: Goya ( chun )
3rd: grego ( oro/urien )

would help if grego put up all the results

Cool that Grego got 3rd. No idea who the others are. Where are they from?

I woulda went to this but 50 bucks to get into something i wouldnt normally be at was too much.

Ill probably see ya at Evo North Grego.

All I know is that Satisifaction is a fellow Detroiter. I wanted to give props to him for taking #1 at the tourney.

Sorry for the wait. The result are

16 man tourney

1.Satisfaction!!! (Makoto) Detrot, MI
2. Goya boi (Chun-li) Clevland, OH
3. Grego (ORO) Detroit, MI
4.Russell (12) Toronto
5.TKK aka KING (RYU, KEN) Detroit, MI

Hopefully my boi OBOT will have the footage he recorded up soon.


Thanx to the out of town peeps that came down OH, Toronto, Puerto Rico.

Good games with sazabi, gandido really nice talking to you man, Russell you have a strong 12 I’m going to try my best to get my team up to T7 so we can chill and play 3s. Goya you have a good chun man keep up the good work, Even though I didn’t get to play him in the tourney TKK always keeps his game up. If I’ve forgotten anyone holla at me.

Highlight match TKK vs. Russell

TKK jumps in, Russell activates 12 XNDL sa TKK parries just the last hit of the super and lands an air RH to win the round. While both players were at less than 10% life. It was a nice match.

Hopefully next year mayne will be bigger. Thanx for those who came out to rep.

I remember you humbag.

NeoRussell the Tekken player? If so, well done getting 4th with Twelve.

(Russell doesn’t know who I am)

Russel is a beast with low tier.

I probably would remember you too if you saw your face again. Good job winning.

I have some additional results in regards to the other tournaments. And the reason why 3rd Strike wasn’t as large is because the Mayn Event is primarily a Tekken based tournament. Of the 6 tournaments, The Final Mayn Event (Pt 3 from 2002) was the only year where Tekken took a back seat, in favor of the ShinAkuma point system and CvS2.

CvS2 Results - 21 participants
1st - Rusteezzy
2nd - TKK
3rd - Kalonji
4th - RedDevilNinja
5th - Julian
5th - VDO

Tekken 5: DR Teams - 10 Teams
1st - Team Antonio (Antonio Carmona, Slips, Solus, Mateogalvan)
2nd - Team NY (Spero Gin, Exalted, The Realyst, Liquid)
3rd - Team Puerto Rico (Jio -who is by far NOT Puerto Rican lol, Gandido, w1r3d, Kasht)

Tekken 5: DR Singles - 63 participants
See here


Oh, and one more thing: On 3rd Strike, there should be 2 people to take 5th, but I only see one. I never had bracket access to this tournament as Grego was running this…but if I’m not mistaken the other 5th place position should’ve been me.

I’m pretty sure there was more then 21 because we had like 4 late entry and i put them in the losers bracket so i think there 25

nice meetin everyone!.. props to goya for 2nd… you shoulda won tho! haha…

Good shit to everyone involved, to the 3s players, sorry the machine was such jank, i talked to the repair guy a couple times and he tried his best, but i dont think he understands competitive games enough to know we needed all new equipment on the cab. shrug Oh and I dont have the bracket, I gave it to satisfaction for winning. Regardless,

Shout Outs:
Satisfaction!!!: Great shit man, you punished all who attempted to defeat you, thank you for holding down the D, since i was unable to. Your my boy, cant wait to hit up Evo North with you.

TKK: I was really suprised how well you did in 3s, I didnt know you had it in you. Nice denjin ryu, your fight with Russelll was definitly the highlight of the night.

Judgement Day: Good shit stomping your way to 5th lol, thank you for throwing Mayne event, keep up the good work, your an undeniable asset to all fighting game players.

Goya: Good shit taking me out, hopefully at the next event well be able to have a match on a real machine, keep practicing your chunner, she will be beasting.

Russell: Your twelve was tuff, I was having alot of execution problems, but you held your position most dilligently. Sorry I had to time you out on the last round, gotta win how you can lol.

Rusty: Great shit winning CVS2, I didnt know you had it in you either, looks like we have a new CVS2 master upon us.

Everyone else, thanks for coming out, sorry if I missed you, hopefully see you all at EVO north, peace out yall

Thxs man congrats on placing top 3 it’s always a pleasure seeing you again i’ll see u at Evo North if ur going .

Rusty, I’m looking at your bracket right now, and it’s 21.

Thanks everyone for the compliments.


-_- there’s 25 trust me Eugene i was running the tourney i wrote down 21 but remember Peter and Kido from WSU and dude name Nate was sent to loser from coming late and there where 250 in the pot… so it had to be 25 people, Kalonji got 25 ,Tkk got 50 , I got the rest

Looking at it again…where are the other 2 to make 25?

i dunno bracket where fucked up since people decided to come super late

…Then it’s 23 then. Were they late? To the point where they were automatically sent to the losers bracket? Because those entries were not written in the winner’s bracket at all.

yeah they where automatically sent to loser’s cuz we already started.


Can’t wait to rock with that Mokoto of yours. Sorry I’ve been outta touch. Busier than the fcuking president. Bring your ass to Evo North! Or if you come down before that. :tup:

ALSO, CONGRATS TO GREGO on 3RD PLACE! :tup: Crazy Oro Unblockables!

Man Hell naw. I see some random ass nigga dun won the third strike tournament lol random as hell.

His name SATISFACTION wow…