MBAC PC problem


So after rebuilding my PC, i reinstalled the game… but this time, instead of bringing me to the arcade select screen, my screen’s blue, and the first enemy i fight is a giant akhia… the fuck? how do i get my normal game back?


Woh, madness… Any way to get a screen shot of that?


Buy the game for the PS2.



I no gots a PS2 anymore. I had it for PS2…


screen shot via request…


Do you have D and A mapped to the same button by accident? Because the way to access g.akiha fight is press A while holding down D :\


oh snap, i MIGHT… hmm… lemme check on that.

so check this… i DID have them set both to R1 (i’m using a PS2 pad), but my triangle was normally D and [] was A… I didn’t have them both on one button, and I was selecting arcade mode with []


ok, might i ask…

how the FUCK do you beat that thing?


Lol, I used Kohaku and just threw the motolfs allllllll day.


LMAO, i’ll have to try that.


Yeah, the best way to beat big Akiha is to spam projectiles and jump around like your on crack.


Giant Akiha fights exactly like Apocalypse from X-Men Versus Street Fighter…except she doesn’t seem as big and is a lot harder. The drilling hand, the ground beams, they’re all very similar.


yeah, i did notice that. haha


finally beat her tonight with chaos


the title of this thread says MBAC when you are clearly playing ReAct. don’t toy with me… i got all excited when i hear about AC for PC


sorry :frowning: