MC Cthulhu Accessories - Does this work?



I was planning on soldering up my Dreamcast Madcatz controller but the MC Cthulhu looks much cleaner.

Will the the following accessories make this functional?

  1. The Cthulhu PCB

  2. This Ethernet adapter with the male end soldered to the PCB:

  3. Grab one of these from Arcade Shock, one end goes to female of the step 2 and other end in the DC console:

edit: This is all going inside an arcade cab and because it’s all enclosed and I don’t believe I need the neutrik feedthrough connector.



Yes, that should be fine.


Thank you!


looks fine to me. Just try to make a very clean soldering job and remember to put a normal DC Controller with a VMU in port D for your savedata


Thanks guys. Do I need to verify that the Ethernet cable is either T568A or T568B?