Mc cthulhu and crossbone compatibility question


was wondering if these two pcbs are compatible with each other or will I NEED an ps360+ for the crossbone? I already have a mc cthulhu installed for ps3, just looking to save some money and time (waiting) instead of getting a ps360+.
And if they are compatible, is the install somewhat the same as in this youtube video by lemony vengeance ?



Crossbone is compatible with any common ground PCB. You can only use the 20-pin ribbon for PS360.


Sounds good NENDO
Just have a few more questions and I should be all set.
1)Since the ribbon cable is for ps360+, do I still solder the wires to where the ribbon cable is supposed to be or the labeled solder points?
2)when wiring to the MCCthulhu, do I just use the solder points that are for the 360 controller? This way I can use the MCCthulhu instructions to wire it
3)what options do I have when connecting the mini usb to the MCCthulhu? just solder from crossbone and place the cable into the white usb slot that is already attached to the MCCthulhu?

here is the MCCthulhu instructions in case you need to look at it


I got everything all attached, but am getting a few issues.

I bought a broke controller of ebay for $10, the only problem with it was it kept drifting right and would stay at the right even if you tried to move it left. I figured it might be the dpad so went ahead and wired everything up, now with my testing it is still drifting. Would removing the thumbsticks fix this drifting or should I just get a new controller?

also I am not able to switch to sys2 via home button. I soldered the invert and ran a cable from home to switch but still will not bring up the mc cthulhu.


The right drifting is caused by the analog stick
but removing the analog could make it worst.

You have to neutralize the X and Y axis by installing resistors in place of the analog stick.


thanks for the response Darksakul, will try that out


OK still have the issue of no SYS2 Switching. Here is a “very crude” drawing of what I have set up.
basically all wires from the crossbone go to their respective places on the cthulhu, same with the stick buttons and lever. The buttons work and windows is telling me its a xbox one controller, just will not switch to sys2. Do I hold down the button then plug in the usb cable? or just hold the button while its plugged in? I tried both either way and no go.
I have a multimeter, will test for a broke wire when I get home. Any other test I should be doing?
and my resitors from digikey should be here friday



It’s “hold-and-plug-in” to switch to the other PCB.