MC Cthulhu for SFV

Sorry if I’m asking it too early.
Has anyone confirmed if MCC works in SFV on PS4? May I also know how to set up a PS3 controller for the game?

If the final release of Street Fighter V has the Zero Labs backwards compatible controller drivers then yes.
The game is not out yet, it is released February 16, 2016

Youre better off checking the sfv section of the forum. In short you authenticate your ps3 stick in the games options. To get to that point you need a ps4 controller to navigate the menu. Once its authenticated ou no longer require the ps4 controller to be connected. No idea on MCC compatibility though, should be the same as MKX and USFIV

Thanks so much for the info. So MCC did work in MKX and USFIV on PS4, right?

Thanks, D. If Capcom didn’t lie they’ll put the same Zero Labs driver in the day-1 patch.