MC Cthulhu RJ45 Connection


I found this on Amazon:

Have anyone ever used something like this?
I want to remove the USB connector that comes with the MCC and put an RJ45 jack there

If you have any other options on how to not be soldering the wires directly on the pcb, it would be cool :slight_smile:


answering my own thread…

I ended up buying one of these

plus plug and headers

it’s less than 5 dollars, so it’s worth a shot, and I might end up with nice results :slight_smile:
peace dudes


It should work as long as you wire everything correctly.


hey guys, just bumping the thread here:

i got the parts on the mail today
it was a pain in the ass to remove the USB jack, but i pulled it off. (pulled it off, get it? huh? huh?)

and i soldered the RJ45 on there
it turned out pretty well, and I’m pretty happy with myself, and proud as well
here are some pics of it:
shoutouts to DK in the back

edit: sorry, my webcam is my only way of taking pictures lol
and if you’re wondering, these are the parts I used:

one of these to solder the RJ45 on

the jack itself

and the headers, to connect the breakout to the mc cthulhu

I was kinda worried about the size, but they match perfectly :slight_smile:

Well, I hope this helps someone that might be interested in doing this on the future, it’s veeery easy to solder everything together (so much easier than soldering the ethernet wires IMO) and crimping cables is also easy and quick.

I already tested and everything is working
Now I just gotta wait for @arthong‌ to send me the tek case and put everything together :3


Very nice, great idea. I’m surprised that there wasn’t an rj45 jack option for the cthulhu already.


yeah, me too, since everybody uses it lol
@Toodles‌ pls :3


The RJ45 idea didn’t come until alot later in the Cthulhu development cycle.

And by that time Toodles was busy with other projects.


yeah i know that
the RJ45 just happened to be the cheapest and most practical way to hook up 8 wires
well, at least the imp v2 comes with it


Cheapest It can be (if you use a keystone jack yes, neutrik or switch craft no), most practical that is up to debate.
RJ45 connectors are rather fragile unless you use a expensive neutrik metal boot cover

I think DB 9 connectors are more suitable than a RJ45 connector, they are tougher and harder to break.
But a DB 9 can be harder to install than a RJ45, with a neutrik or Switchcraft panel mount all you need to do is drill a round hole then to smaller holes for screws. DB9 needs sort of a square hole with 2 smaller holes for screws. Mini Din connectors work well. Easy to panel mount, harder to wire up a cable.

I am kinda sad the Fighting game community decided to go with RJ45 over DB 9.

And no the Imp v2.0 dopes not come with a RJ45 connector, those are separate.


at first my plan was using the db9 as well, it is in fact better, however it’s kinda hard to install and expensive as well
about the RJ45 being fragile, i never had problems with that. and I only use those plastic covers

i still think it’s the all around most effective one.

about the imp, I meant it comes with a place to solder one easily ^^
well, but with this breakout board, there is no difficulty with the cthulhu either haha


Since I’m local, I may want to hire you to mod my cthulhus like this. I approve.


hahahaha thanks man